10 Unique Ways to Display Air Plants

Tillandsia, or Air Plants, are a type of plant that don’t need to be in soil. Instead, they get most of their nutrients from the air! This makes them unique and interesting plants that are fun to display in different ways. I’m always keeping an eye out for creative ways to add them into my decor, and thought you too might be interested in these 10 unique ways to display air plants.

If you’re new to air plants, you’ll be happy to know they’re actually quite easy to care for! Read more on how to care for air plants or continue for my favourite air plant decor options.

10 unique ways to display air plants | Dossier Blog
10 Unique Ways to Display Air Plants
air plant rock garden display | Dossier Blog
1: Create a rock garden

This mini rock garden display from Modern Air Plants is a great little DIY idea that you can switch up as you desire. Add interest with coloured sand or interesting rocks, create structures or keep it simple and allow the air plants to shine!

How to grow air plants (TIllandsia) on crystals | Dossier Blog
2: On a Crystal

Still one of my personal favourites, growing air plants on crystals is a whimsical and unexpected way to display them! I love the aesthetic of crystals and giving air plants a home on them is a perfect way to use them. It’s not hard to achieve, read how to grow an air plant on a crystal for more details.

Mini man holder from Ary plants | Dossier Blog
3: Mini Man Holder

These mini man holders from Ary Plants can be moved in all different positions so he can hold your air plants however you like!

Tillandsia hand holder | Dossier Blog
4: Hand from amazon

These hands are a simple and modern approach that would look great at the end of a bookshelf or as a feature on a coffee table.

Tillandsia wood fridge magnets | Dossier Blog

5: Wooden Magnet Mounts

Why not display your air plants where you’ll get to see them all the time? These wood magnet holders from WoodInspireShop can be customised to the wood you prefer and will gracefully hold your shopping list, kids artwork or notes.

sea glass display with Tillandsia | Dossier Blog
6. Nestled in Sea Glass

This unique take from Modern Air Plants can match a coastal, beachy home decor. I’d love to see this style with different options too – try pearls, rock chips, quartz or even small shells.

Birch log centerpiece via Sand and Sisal | Dossier Blog
7. In Birch as table centrepiece

This DIY from Sand and Sisal caught my eye for its simplicity. It would be a simple project for festivities or a special occasion, and why not keep it out year round – place it on a mantle or sideboard to switch it up.

frame air plant display | Dossier Blog
8. In a Frame

These frames look great in front of a window, on a desk or even mounted on a wall. If you have an air plant collection, this would be a unique way to display them together as your own plant gang!

Geometric plant holder | Dossier Blog
9. Geometric stands

Geometric planters such as these can be so versatile. Use them as wedding gifts or decor or just in your home. They can be hung or strung up in a row or used individually, and can tailor the look to however your plant-loving heart desires!

Whale air plant holder | Dossier Blog
10. Whale

Lastly, this whale is a fun one! For those that love the quirky plants and planters, this whale would make a great gift. It’s especially designed to hold air plants or small succulents and would suit a desk space or a shelf.

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