12 DIYs of Christmas: Boho Raffia Tree

This little Christmas tree DIY is perfect for small spaces. Hanging branch-style trees have grown in popularity in recent years, and this raffia tree is a bit of a boho version if you’re looking to achieve that style.

Raffia has been a favourite material of mine to work with for a few years now. It lets you achieve that natural coastal, boho style for just a few dollars! If you’re interested in seeing some of the other projects I’ve made with raffia, check them out here.

Make this boho raffia Christmas tree | Dossier Blog
Make this boho Christmas tree out of raffia | Dossier Blog

You will Need:

Bamboo or sticks
Star or decorations

Looping raffia onto bamboo | Dossier Blog

Start by cutting a bunch of raffia into small strands. You’ll want them to be about twice as long as you’d like them to hang off your bamboo or sticks. Then cut 4-5 pieces of bamboo and arrange them into a tree shape.

Loop and tie the strands of raffia around each stick until they’re covered.

Arrange the raffia sticks into a tree shape | Dossier Blog

Cut a long piece of string and start to tie it onto each side of the top stick. Once you’ve done the top stick, you may want to hang it up so you can attach the lower sticks evenly.

Work the string down each level, making sure the branches are even. It’s that simple – your boho raffia tree is now complete!

Feel free to add decorations or lights to your tree too! Don’t forget to check out the other projects in the 12 DIYs of Christmas.

This DIY Christmas tree is space saving and easy to make! | Dossier Blog
Natural raffia style hanging Christmas tree | Dossier Blog
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