12 DIYs of Christmas: Clay Star Drink Stirs

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There is nothing like entertaining friends and family during the Holidays. Even if this year is the exception, why not treat yourself to a few tasty beverages using these creative Clay Star Drink Stirs.

Make these clay star drink stirs - Delineate Your Dwelling

The great part about DIYing drink stirs is that you can completely customize the look and colors to fit your home’s aesthetic. I had such fun creating green and white marbled clay stars.

Supplies :

Various colors of Polymer Clay – I ended up using green and white clay
Rolling pin
Small clay star cutters
Acrylic Drink Stirs
Hot Glue Gun
Thin gauge copper wire + small wire cutters

supplies for DIY drink stirs

How to make Clay Star Drink Stirs : Start by rolling out flat your main clay color, white in my case. Place small pieces of a contrasting clay color on top and roll out flat again. Fold your clay in half, roll out flat and add more small pieces of clay on top. Be repeating this step a few times, your clay will start to take on a lovely marbled – terrazo look.

Using a small metal clay cutter, punch out stars from your clay. Bake on parchment paper per the directions on your clay package. After your stars have finished baking and are cooled, it’s time to add them to your copper wire. Cut a small section of copper wire and gently bend in half. Using a dab of hot glue, adhere the clay stars to each end of your wire. A few of them you can even add three stars to the wire.

While the clay is baking, start to wrap the top portion of your acrylic drink stir with raffia. I used hot glue to secure the raffia to the top portion of the stir and then wrapped the raffia around. A few more dabs of hot glue secured the raffia at the bottom. Be sure to leave some of the stir plain, where your drink will be.

Finally, hot glue your clay stars to the tops of the raffia wrapped drink stirs.

12 DIYs of Christmas Clay star drink stirs - Delineate Your Dwelling

I love how the stars are all at different heights and patterns. It makes for such fun drinks!

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