12 DIYs of Christmas: Coastal Napkin Rings

Well the final countdown to Christmas is on and it’s getting to the point of last-minute touches. At this stage of the festive season I’m aware that most people won’t have the time (or brain space!) to create an epic, handmade project. But it’s the little touches that really add something special. And I love that these coastal napkin rings are so beautiful in their simplicity!

The wooden rings I used in this DIY are none other than curtain rings would you believe! A pack of 5 costs about $6 from the curtain aisle at Bunnings (or any home improvement store nearby) although I don’t think your guests will be able to tell. Read on for the mini tutorial to make your own!

Neutral coastal table setting | Dossier Blog
12 DIYs of Christmas Coastal Napkin Rings | Dossier Blog

You Will Need:

Wooden Curtain Rings
Shells or other beads

materials for napkin rings | Dossier Blog

The wooden curtain rings will come with a small hook which you can easily unwind to remove. Originally I was planning to use the hook to add tassels and other details to the napkin ring. But I ended up stripping this project right back to the point that it’s so simple, it really doesn’t need much of a tutorial!

Grab a strand of raffia and wind it around a section of the curtain ring. Take a shell and thread it onto the raffia before knotting it off.

Lots of craft stores sell packets of shells but if yours don’t have a hole or a natural spot to thread the raffia through, you may need to drill one or glue the shell on.

You can use a bunch of other coastal-inspired materials on your napkin rings, such as jute, twine, wooden beads or fronds of grass. I paired them with striped blue and white napkins and plates, however you can work with what you’ve got, whether your decor is neutral, coloured, vintage or extra modern. Get creative or go as simple as you like.

napkin rings DIY for Christmas | Dossier Blog

Don’t forget to check out the other 12 DIYs of Christmas on the blog or follow along on Instagram for more details and behind the scenes!

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