12 DIYs of Christmas: Create a Faux Wood Fireplace

Hello, I’m Clémence, I am a French designer, blogger and photographer. I am delighted to bring my ideas and photographs from the French mountains all the way to Australia! I virtually met Emily on Instagram a few years ago and I am so happy to be part of her Christmas content this year!

If you want to find out more about my work, you can find me on Instagram (@cbyclemence), on my blog (www.cbyclemence.com) and on Pinterest (cbyclemence). Now, let’s create together!

No matter where we live, we all love the cozy atmosphere of a comforting fire. But since we don’t all have a fireplace or a stove in our home, I have imagined an alternative to create a false fireplace for your home in less than 5 minutes!

You will need:

-A brazier/fire pit
-Wooden branches (I used birch)
-A battery-powered led garland
-optional: one or more small LED tealight candles (be careful, don’t do it with real candles!)

The steps for this DIY are very simple and quick:

• The first step will be to cut the branches of wood so that they fit into the brazier. My tip: use branches of different sizes for the illusion to be perfect!

• Then, you just need to arrange the branches, to create a small pile, like if you were to start a fireplace.

• To finish, you just have to add the garland in the middle of the branches. Place the garlands among all the branches to create reflections and give the illusion of a faux wood fire. Hide the battery box at the bottom of the brazier, and voilà!

Creative tip #1: if you want to add “movement” to your wood fire, put a small tealight candle in the hollow of the branches, this will create a little visual crackle.

Creative tip #2: This DIY can also be done inside a fake fireplace, or even an unused fireplace, if you have one! Collect some branches of wood and create your fake fireplace with garlands and candles in it.

Creative tip #3: One brazier, many uses! If you have a brazier like me , you can use it outside to make a real fire: on your terrace during winter, on the beach for a summer night… To enjoy the real atmosphere of a wood fire from time to time.

I hope I inspired you to try this faux wood fireplace at home this winter! 🔥

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