12 DIYs of Christmas: Furoshiki Plant Gifts

Gifting plants is always a good idea, but wrapping them is something else! You may have heard of the Japanese method of cloth wrapping called Furoshiki. Gifting plants wrapped in fabric is a lovely way to add some colour and a personal touch!

You may remember a similar project I did with wrapping plants. The below tutorial is very similar, with a little festive touch! Read on for the tutorial.

Make these Furoshiki Christmas plant gifts | Dossier Blog

You Will Need:

Small potted plants to gift
Fabric like tea towels, scrap fabric or other

Below is two methods of Furoshiki plant wrapping, top-tying and front-tying. The first front-tied version is great for tall plants, as it won’t interfere with the height of the plant.

The second top-tied version is great for trailing or short plants (like cactus) where there’s space to have fabric over the top of the plant.

Method One: Front-Tied Furoshiki Planter

How to Front Tie a Furoshiki Plant gift | Dossier Blog

Grab a piece of fabric. The size you’ll need will depend on the size of your pot, but tea towels, napkins and fabric scraps are a good place to start.

Take two opposite corners of the fabric and fold them into the middle, placing your pot on top. Check that the sides of the fabric fold high enough to cover the pot.

Fold up the fabric around the pot and pin on either side to keep it in place. Take the two corners of fabric and bring them around the front of the pot.

Tie a knot at the front of the pot and neaten up any loose edges.

Method Two: Top-Tied Furoshiki Planter

How to Top Tie a furoshiki plant gift | Dossier Blog

For the top tied style, start the same as the above tutorial, folding two corners to the centre and placing your pot on top.

Bring the fabric up around the pot and pin at the sides again. Then, take the two long corners and twist them in opposite directions. Pull them above your plant and tie a knot at the top!

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