12 DIYs of Christmas: Paper Fan Ornaments

It’s the 1st of December! Welcome to the first DIY of Christmas for 2019: Paper Fan Ornaments.

This year the 12 DIYs have a focus on using recycled and sustainable materials, while keeping the style earthy and using a lot of natural materials and allusions.

When I think about it, this theme is actually what I use for a lot of my DIYs in general! But especially at Christmas time, it’s important to make the season fun without it being hijacked by commercialisation or costing the earth (sometimes literally).

So this first DIY is no different. In fact, I’d say you have all the materials you need at home to make these paper fan ornaments already. You can use any paper, thread or beads (optional), but as I’m a neutral lover, I used a scrap of kraft paper.

I love it when something so simple turns out so impactful or stunning and these ornaments fit right in on my tree! At first I wanted them to look like mini dried palm leaves. Then I thought the shape resembled shells, but once they were on the tree they morphed into looking like little angels!

So – call them whatever you like, but here’s a few directions on making these paper fan ornaments.

12 DIYs of Christmas: Paper Fan Ornaments | Dossier Blog

You will need:

-Needle & Thread
-Wooden Beads
-Double-sided tape

Make Christmas ornaments out of paper, strings & beads | Dossier Blog

If you need more specific directions, read my post on DIY paper palm fronds. These paper fan ornaments are like a mini version!

Cut your paper into small strips, mine were about 8cm wide. Then, fold the paper into strips, backwards and forwards until the whole piece is folded. Try to get the folds around 1/2 – 1 cm wide.

While the paper is folded up, fold it again long ways and stick the meeting edges together with double-sided tape.

Use the needle to poke a hole through the centre of the fan, and loop and knot a piece of string so you can hang the ornament.

For a finishing touch, thread a wooden bead onto the loop. Hang your new paper fan ornaments on your tree!

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