12 DIYs of Christmas: Star Bonbons

Welcome back to the 12 DIYs of Christmas! These star bonbons are a super fun DIY to make (and experience)!

With only a week out til Christmas (!) hopefully you’ve got most of your gifts and things organised. So today’s DIY is looking at a few finishing touches that there’s still time to create and have fun with.

I often find regular bonbons (or Christmas crackers) to be quite generic and the toys or gifts inside to be things that will end up in the bin. With these star bonbons, you can personalise the insides or choose small gifts and sweets you know your family and friends will love!

Here’s some quick ideas of what you could include:

-Confetti, paper or plant confetti
-Handwritten quotes, encouragements or sayings for 2020
-Chocolate monies, mints or other wrapped sweets
-Small beauty products like sample perfumes or lip balms
-Single-serve looseleaf tea sachets
-Scratchy tickets
-Keyrings and Christmas tree ornaments

confetti for Christmas | Dossier Blog
Make these star bonbons for Christmas | Dossier Blog

You will Need:

Paper, pens, scissors
Sweets & small stocking-stuffer style gifts

For this DIY I used brown kraft paper, but you could also use leftover wrapping paper, newspaper or whatever you have on hand.

Print out or draw a star template in whatever size you’d like your star bonbons to be. Trace out your star for two times as many bonbons you’d like to make and cut them out.

Glue around the edges of one star, and press two stars together, leaving two edges open to fill up with goodies.

If you’d like to decorate the star paper, now is a good time before filling them up! I did some polkadots and stuck a small piece of foliage on one. But you could also personalise them, double them up as place cards by writing names, or whatever you like!

Fill your star bonbons with your chosen goodies and lots of confetti.

Glue up the final side and your star bonbons are complete!

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