Simple Daisy Embroidery DIY

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Ever wanted to update some old jeans or clothes with a little floral detail? I’ve been loving the look of embroidered details lately and fortunately, its so easy to do! Enter the simple daisy embroidery tutorial. Once you get the basics of embroidery, its easy enough to add them onto so many items – jeans, hats, canvas totes… The list goes on! Here is a simple daisy embroidery DIY that will get you embellishing in no time.

Simple Daisy Embroidery Tutorial - update your jeans, canvas bags and hats with these easy DIY Daisies | Dossier Blog
Step by Step daisy embroidery sewing tutorial - very easy! | Dossier Blog
Simple Daisy Embroidery DIY

You will need:
Embroidery Thread

To make the flower head:

To start, thread a length of embroidery thread onto the needle and tie a knot in one end. Find the spot where you’d like the centre of your daisy to be. Poke the needle through from the underside of the fabric.

Push the needle back through the fabric around 5mm away from the first stitch (or however wide you’d like the flower centre to be). From the underside, come back up through the fabric right next to the first stitch. Cross the thread over the previous one and push it back through, next to the second stitch. Continue this motion until you work your way round in a circle. If it helps, you may want to draw a small circle on the fabric first as a guide.

Continue stitching until there’s no space left in the circle. Then, tie a knot on the underside of the fabric and cut off any extra thread. The daisy flower head is complete!

To make the petals:

You may want to change thread colours for the flower petals. Poke the needle and thread up from the underside of the fabric right next to the flower head. Push the needle back down next to this stitch, but don’t pull the thread tight.

Bring the needle up again about a cm away from the flower centre, making sure you loop the thread as you pull tight. To finish the petal, loop over the petal thread and push the needle back under the fabric. You have one petal!

Continue this process, coming up with the needle around the flower head until you have as many petals as you like. Then, knot and cut off the excess thread underneath.

You have completed your first embroidery daisy! Experiment with different colours, sizes and styles until you find what you like.

I can’t go past the classic look of white-petal daisies on denim. But have fun with this daisy embroidery DIY and I’d love to see where you put them! Don’t forget to check out my other fashion DIYs here.

A simple daisy embroidery tutorial you can use on any fabric | Dossier Blog

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