DIY Balsa-Framed Wall Hanging

Does anyone else have a collection of prints and art that never made it to the walls? It seems we often get given bits and pieces (unframed) and then never get around to 1. Finding a frame that fits, and 2. Hanging them up! With this super easy DIY you can hang your prints in minutes without the price-tag or struggle of finding the right frame.

DIY balsa-framed wall hanging

You will need:

Balsa wood sheet
Your print
Craft knife, ruler and cutting mat
PVA Glue and double-sided tape

materials for wall hanging

Firstly, measure how big you would like your balsa frame to be. I like to have a little overhang on the ends of the print and went for about a 2.5cm width.

Cut out the sections of balsa and place them where you’d like them to sit on your print. Use glue or double-sided tape to stick the balsa along the top and bottom edges of your print. I used double-sided tape so the print wouldn’t crease with the wetness of glue, but if your print is on a thicker material you might be better off using the glue as it will be a stronger hold.

Turn your print over and glue a piece of string to the outer edges of the balsa. This will create the triangle to hang your print from.

Once its dry, hang your print! Did you find this tutorial useful? Follow us on Bloglovin’ for more creative DIY projects!

how to hang a print

wall hanging print

Using balsa to create a frame

turn a print into a wall hanging with balsa

how to hang a print using a balsa wood frame

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