DIY Dipped Tableware using Liquid Terracotta

How to Make these terracotta dipped items - update old crockery and dinner sets | Dossier Blog

Hey guys! I am super excited to share this DIY with you as I feel like I’ve stumbled upon a game changer! Recently I was researching options for terracotta paints, when I came across a product called Liquid Terracotta by Megatreat.

While most terracotta paints are simply colour-toned, the reason why I love this stuff so much is because it looks and acts like real terracotta. I guess that’s why its called liquid terracotta! Once dry, it has the genuine texture you’d expect and also gets wet (and dries again) like real clay.

The product is mostly used in larger quantities for sprucing up things like driveways, exteriors and pots but can be found at Bunnings in smaller tubs for projects like this one.

Once I used this and realised how well it worked, I had so many other ideas for its use! Let me know if you have any ideas too. For now, here’s how to make this terracotta dipped tableware.

How to make terracotta dipped tableware | Dossier Blog
DIY Dipped Tableware using Liquid Terracotta

You will need:

Megatreat Liquid Terracotta
Various crockery items
Paintbrush or small roller
Masking or electrical tape

For this DIY, I used electrical tape to mask off the areas I wanted to keep white. Electrical tape has some stretch so I was able to make the waves and curvy shapes on the mugs. If you’re after straight lines, regular masking tape will work fine.

Mask off the area you’d like to paint. Stir the liquid terracotta before using, then paint onto your items. Don’t worry if the paint appears streaky at first – a second coat will give a thicker and opaque look. Make sure you leave around 1/2 – 1 hour between coats to allow the terracotta to dry properly first.

Once dry, pull off the tape. That’s all there is to it!

Using a paintbrush gave a textured look which I feel is authentic to terracotta, but if you prefer a smoother result you could use a small roller instead.

Make sure you only hand wash your new items.

I love the idea of upcycling a plain crockery set with liquid terracotta. It’s easy enough to do and gives such a wow factor.

I hope you liked this DIY! If so, check out our other home DIYs here.

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