DIY Fujifilm Instax Camera Bag (with Template!)

Guys! It’s no surprise how much I love my Instax camera. It’s so good having something tangible to create memories with, especially in our digital age! I’ve always been one to collect momentos and memorabilia from places, such as tickets, maps and even wrappers. Anything with an interesting design, foreign language or place names on it just gets me. And instant film is no different!

So of course I packed my Fujifilm Instax camera for our Europe trip. Previously I carried it around in a small bag but wanted to make my own, sleek camera bag that was more my style. It turned out almost better than I imagined and of course it’s my favourite colour – green.

You can make your own camera bag following the tutorial below and by making your own measurements, or download the template I created especially for this Instax camera bag.

How to make a camera bag for your Fujifilm Instax camera | Dossier Blog
Make this instax camera bag with free template
DIY Fujifilm Instax Camera Bag

You will need:

-Non-stretch material
-Fabric Interfacing
-Polyester webbing

STEP ONE: To get started, measure lengthways the circumference of your camera, leaving an inch or so to overlap. For my instax, this came to 35cm.

Measure the width of your camera, then add a cm each side for the hem. For my instax, this was 9cm + 1cm + 1cm = 11cm.

Cut out two rectangles of your fabric with your measurements: 35cm long x 11cm wide. Cut out one piece of the interfacing with the same dimensions.

STEP TWO: Place the piece of interfacing between the two pieces of fabric, making sure the fabric’s ‘right side’ faces out on both sides.

Pin and sew around the edges of your rectangle, leaving one short side free (this will be the flap that we’ll customise). To create a triangle-shaped flap that will close up the bag, mark the centre of the short, un-hemmed side. Then, mark around an inch down from each side and cut off this portion. You should end up with a wide triangle-shaped end.

Measure the circumference of your camera + some overlap | Dossier Blog
Cut your fabric and sew three sides with interfacing on the inside | Dossier Blog
See how the camera fits | Dossier Blog

STEP THREE: To create the sides of the bag, cut two rectangles that are 9cm high by 6cm wide. Hem the top and bottom.

To get an idea of where the sides will sit, wrap the large rectangle around your camera until you’re happy with where the flap lines up. You can create a fold in the interfacing where the material wraps around the camera, making it a little easier to understand how it will all fit together.

STEP FOUR: Take the webbing and begin to fold and pin it over the edges of your large rectangle. Add the sides in where they’ll sit. Once you’ve pinned it all together, pop your camera in the bag to make sure it fits well, and adjust your pinning if you need.

Begin to sew the webbing down around all edges of your bag. This can be done in one continuous go or if you prefer to do one side at a time, that’s ok too.

STEP FIVE: Once you’ve sewn around all the edges, you’ll just need to add your button and loop. Fold a section of webbing in half lengthways and stitch. Sew it onto the underside of your triangle point, then mark where your button should sit. Use a needle and thread to hand-sew the button onto the front of the bag.

I added a webbing handle at the top of the bag too: Cut an 11cm piece of webbing and stitch it on to each side of the webbing with a zigzag stitch (this will help stop the ends fraying).

Your Instax Camera Bag is complete!

Pin and sew the webbing around the whole outside edge | Dossier Blog
Add a loop of webbing to the triangle for the button | Dossier Blog
Complete camera bag, with handle | Dossier Blog

I’m really happy with how the Instax camera bag turned out! For more DIY & project ideas, check out this page.

DIY Fujifilm Instax camera bag tutorial | Dossier Blog
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