DIY Indoor Plant Trellis

For a little while I’ve been playing with the idea of owning flourishing indoor climbing plants on trellises. Something about covering a wall or vertical area with greenery just speaks to me! While the indoor plants craze is going strong, I’m yet to see a single plant grow to cover a whole wall.

After doing some research I found there’s not a lot around in the way of larger-scale indoor trellises. Most people will use a stake or moss pole in the pot. Outdoor trellis styles seem to be better suited to something you’d see in your grandparent’s garden, so I decided to DIY a simple indoor plant trellis myself!

A lot of climbing plants are actually left to trail indoors, which looks beautiful on a shelf or in a hanging pot. However in nature, these plants would be using the environment around them to climb their way towards more sunlight! A lot of plants will actually grow better when they’re enabled to climb, rather than trail, too.

Ivy climber | Dossier Blog
DIY Indoor Plant Trellis

You will Need:

Sticks such as dowel, bamboo or other

Make this easy plant trellis for your indoor climbing plants | Dossier Blog
DIY Indoor plant trellis made from rope and bamboo for climbing plants | Dossier Blog

This is a really simple DIY that doesn’t need too much explaining. Start by finding the centre of your piece of rope. Then tie each side of a piece of bamboo (or whatever you’re working with) with the rope. This should make a triangle shape. Leave a space, then tie the next piece bamboo on, to create a ladder effect.

I found it easiest to hang the rope up first, which helps keep the bamboo even as you tie each piece on. I didn’t bother measuring the gaps, but just eyeballed it, which gives a more organic look. If you’re working with metal pipe or other materials, you might like to measure out the steps to ensure they’re even.

Place a climbing plant in front of your trellis and encourage it by wrapping a few tendrils around the ladder.

Watch your climbing plant grow! If your plant is a little far from a window, it may need some help to grow. Consider getting a grow light to supplement some extra light energy for your plant friends!  Read my guide to grow lights if you need any help figuring them out or are looking for recommendations.

I’d love to know if you try making this DIY indoor plant trellis yourself – drop me a comment or tag me with your creations on Instagram.

Use rope and bamboo to give your plants something to climb on | Dossier Blog
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