DIY Line Art T-Shirts

Guys! There’s no doubt that line art, or continuous line drawing is growing in popularity. While it’s not a new technique, I’ve started to see it pop up on gallery walls and other places. It’s a really graphic look that also has a lot of simplicity. It’s also a form of art where even if you don’t feel you are artistic, the technique is easy to recreate!

How to draw on a t-shirt to create line art | Dossier Blog

The best thing about continuous line art is that it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t turn out perfect. Wonky lines and skewed proportions add to the finished product. For these DIY line art t-shirt ideas, I free-handed three different pictures to try out. I played around with line art faces and flowers for these designs. You may be inspired by portraits, pets or nature – it’s up to you!

DIY Line art t-shirt with faces & free templates | Dossier Blog
DIY Line Art T-Shirts

You will need:

-Plain t-shirts
-Quality fabric (laundry) marker
-Bulldog clips
-Hard surface, such as thick cardboard or a large book

Paper templates for line art t-shirts | Dossier Blog
Tracing a template onto a t-shirt using a fabric marker | Dossier Blog

Have a go at continuous line drawing on paper. I used pencil (and did about half a dozen takes) before I did one I was happy with. Then, go over the design with a marker. This will help it show through when you trace it onto the t-shirt.

Place your template onto a hard surface (eg thick cardboard or large book). Slip the template under the front of your t-shirt to get it into position. Then, use the clips to hold the t-shirt in place. You want the t-shirt to be firmly in place, but not stretched.

Begin to go over the template on the t-shirt with a fabric marker. I found it worked best using small, light strokes then filling in any gaps later.

Once you’ve traced the template onto your t-shirt, you may want to wait a little while to make sure it’s dry.

Then, your very own DIY line art t-shirt is complete!

Make your own line art into a t-shirt with this tutorial | Dossier Blog
Make this t-shirt DIY with a fabric marker to create line art. Free templates included! | Dossier Blog

This line art t-shirt is definitely one I’ll be wearing a lot. What do you think? For more DIY fashion ideas, check out this page.

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