DIY: Make This Bamboo Table Lamp

This DIY bamboo table lamp is one project I’ve been mulling over for a while. I finally got around to making it happen and I’m so glad I did!

This DIY is another version of the DIY rattan-style lamp I did recently. Apart from looking a little differently, this bamboo version has more of a organic, tropical feel and the bamboo stakes are cheaper than dowels, which makes this DIY fall under about $30 total. Read on for the tutorial!

DIY bamboo table lamp | Dossier Blog
DIY: Make this bamboo table lamp | Dossier Blog

You Will Need:

Bamboo Garden Stakes
-A Drum-style Lampshade
-Hot Glue Gun
-Pruning Scissors
Plug in Light Cord

Materials to make a bamboo lamp | Dossier Blog

To start, remove the current shade from your lampshade frame. It should pull off quite easily, but you may need a craft knife to get started. Once the shade is removed, you should end up with two lamp rings, one with the lamp fitting in the centre.

lamp frame for DIY lamp | Dossier Blog

Use pruning scissors to cut your bamboo stakes to the size you’d like. My lamp was 38cm high (about 15″). Once they’re cut, it’s time to attach them to the lamp rings!

Bamboo stakes to make a lamp | Dossier Blog

You may need an extra set of hands to start off. Lay one piece of bamboo on a table and add the hot glue to either end, pressing the rings on either end and holding them steady. Attach a few more bamboo pieces around the rings to help structure out your lamp.

Once you have 3-4 pieces in place, the lamp should be stable enough to place upright on the table and move a little quicker. Add the bamboo pieces around the lamp, spacing them out as often as you’d like.

Once it’s complete, it’s time to paint the lamp! I used some tape to section off the bottom third and keep it natural.

Depending on the type of light cord you have, feed the plug end through the lamp fitting and glue the fitting in place. If your plug is too big to feed through the fitting, you may need to cut through the fitting with some pliers or simply hot glue the light fitting in place.

The cord should be able to fit through a gap in the bamboo, and position it out the back of your lamp.

DIY bamboo table lamp | Dossier Blog

Your bamboo lamp is complete! Check out my other DIYs or follow me on Instagram for more projects.

Natural bamboo lamp DIY | Dossier Blog
Make a table lamp out of bamboo garden stakes | Dossier Blog

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