DIY Oui & XO Letter Hair Clips

A French-inspired DIY? Oui, oui! Chunky hair clips are all the rage right now and it’s inspired me to create my own letter hair clips!

These DIY Oui & XO letter hair clips have been in my mind to make for some time. The process is almost too simple to explain – glueing metal letters onto hair clips. But I’ll give a few tips below for how to best get them to stick. I used a gemstone craft glue, which is great for getting a strong hold on small metal objects.

The hardest part of this DIY was finding the metal letters! There’s a lot of beaded and charm-style letters floating around, but the ones I ended up using where actually marketed as decals for phone covers. I found mine in Australian sewing & craft store Spotlight, so look around at craft stores, dollar stores and cheap costume jewellery stores.

Oui and XO letters | Dossier Blog
Materials to make your own simple hair pins | Dossier Blog
DIY Letter Hair Clips

You will Need:

-Metal Letters, such as these
-Simple hair pins, like bobby pins
-Strong glue

This is a pretty easy DIY that doesn’t need too much explaining. As a few tips, make sure to use a generous amount of glue, and use as much length of the hair pin as you can to stick the letters on. This will ensure the strongest and most durable hold.

Be sure to also prop the hair clips up while the glue is drying, and give them the best chance of sticking well. While my glue was touch-dry after an hour, I waited the full 24 hours before using them just to be safe.

Take a look at these pear flower hair clips for another simple DIY idea.

Make your own Oui & XO letter hair clips | Dossier Blog
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