DIY Pearl Flower Hair Pins

These DIY pearl hair pins are a simple project that can be done in just a few minutes. Pearl flowers (or flowers formed from any beads) are actually quite simple to get the hang of and look so effective. Once you know how to make them, you can use them in a bunch of jewellery projects! For now, read on to learn how to make these simple pearl flower hair pins.

Make these easy pearl flower hair pins from pearl beads | Dossier Blog
DIY Pearl Flower Hair Pins

You Will Need:

Pearl Beads (2 sizes)
Hair Pins or Bobby Pins

Start by threading 8 small pearl beads onto your thread. Then, thread back through the first bead. This will create a loop. Thread one larger bead, then go back through the fourth small bead. Once you pull tight, the large bead should sit in the middle of the loop, creating a flower. Tie off each end of thread.

Using another small piece of thread, thread through the larger middle bead and tie it onto the end of your hair pin.

Step one - thread eight small pearls | Dossier Blog
Step 2- loop the thread through the first bead | Dossier Blog
Step 3- Thread a large pearl bead on and thread through the fourth small bead | Dossier Blog
Step 4- pull tight and tie off ends | Dossier Blog
Make these DIY Pearl flower hair pins in just a few minutes | Dossier Blog
DIY pearl flower hair pins using bobby pins | Dossier Blog

What do you think of these DIY pearl flower hair pins? They’re an easy way to spruce up some simple bobby pins. Check out my other DIY accessory ideas here.

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