DIY Raffia Wrapped Earrings

If you’re looking for an easy summer project, these DIY raffia wrapped earrings may be the answer. Natural products such as raffia and woven details are everywhere right now, and the good news is, you can easily make your own! Read on for the tutorial.

How to make these easy tropical earrings out of woven and wrapped raffia | Dossier Blog
DIY Raffia Wrapped Earrings

You will need:

-Scissors, pencil
-Earring Posts
-Jewellery jump rings and Pliers

Firstly, you’ll need to cut out a template for your earrings out of cardboard. I used a circle and a rectangle shape. You can make them whatever size you like, as long as there is a hole in the middle to wrap the raffia around. For the circle version, you might find it easier to cut the middle hole out with a hole punch.

Take a strand of raffia and tie it onto the cardboard template, with the knot on the outer edge.

Then, take the long end of raffia and push it up through the centre of your template. Loop it through the raffia and pull tight. Push this loop up close to the first knot you made.

Keep doing the looping and knotting process, making sure the raffia is pulled tight. Every now and then, push the loops along to ensure they are covering all of the cardboard template underneath.

Once you’ve made your way the whole way around the template, tie a knot in the end of the raffia and cut it short. You may want to slip the ends through the raffia on the back of the template to keep it tucked in.

Once you’ve completed the wrapping, it’s time to attach the earrings. Press open a jump ring and hook it through the raffia at the top of your template. Add the earring post and press the jump ring closed with pliers.

Your raffia wrapped earrings are done!

Step 1 - Tie a knot with the raffia around your cardboard template | Dossier Blog
Step 2 - how to tie a knot in the raffia to create a woven look | Dossier Blog
Step 3 - multiple wraps and knots begins to take shape | Dossier Blog
Step 4 - finished weaving the raffia. Add the earring post via jump rings | Dossier Blog

What design do you like the most? True to my indecisive self, I can’t pick a favourite! I’d love to see the round version as buttons on clothing or the rectangle version as a belt buckle *heart eyes*!

DIY Rectangle raffia wrapped earrings | Dossier Blog
DIY Round raffia wrapped earrings finished | Dossier Blog
DIY Raffia Wrapped earrings for a tropical vacay vibe | Dossier Blog
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