DIY Straw Hat into a Lamp Shade

We recently returned from a trip to Asia, where I find the slightly more chaotic atmosphere brings on a bit more creativity! Sometimes the order and familiarity of the West can be a bit stifling, but there’s nothing like scouring through markets and seeing the inventiveness of different cultures to get the creative juices flowing.

Enter the straw hat: Popular in our culture at the moment, but also abundant in different styles in most places around the world.

A brief sighting through a marketplace was the catalyst for the DIY straw hat into a lamp shade. And its so simple, it will literally take you 10 minutes tops!

Turn a spare straw hat into a hanging light feature

DIY Straw Hat into a Lamp Shade

You will need:

-A Straw Hat
-A Hanging Light kit
-Stanley or craft knife
-Needle and thread

Firstly, use the Stanley knife to cut a slit in the top-middle area of the hat. It only needs to be cut just big enough to poke the smallest end of your light kit through. For me, this was the end that plugs in to power.

Thread the cord of your light kit through to the end. Use the needle and thread to sew up the excess cut in the hat around the light cord. Alternatively, you could use hot glue for this.

Pop in your light bulb, hang it up and you’re done! I love an easy peasy yet so effective DIY!

An edison bulb in my straw hat feature light

Hanging light over a cute corner

DIY Straw Hat into a Lamp Shade

Straw Hat as a Hanging Light Feature


Use a hanging light kit and straw hat to make this!

You could literally hang this anywhere, I even like the idea of it as a bedside lamp. What do you think, have you tried anything like this before? Let me know! I think an energy saving bulb might be a safer option, but if you keep an eye on it while you are using an Edison bulb it should be ok.

DIY Straw Hat into a Lamp Shade

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