Make these Dried Paper Palm Fronds from Kraft Paper

Maybe it’s the promise of cooler weather in the air, but it seems there’s a change coming – from lush, tropical green decor to earthy, dried flora!

I’ve been noticing more and more dried floral arrangements popping up. While you may not have access to the tropical fronds and palms where you live, there is one way you can make your own.

Kraft paper has been a long and loyal friend of mine, from wrapping presents to experimenting with DIYs. I just can’t get enough of warm neutrals and this paper makes a perfect method to make your own dried flower arrangements!

Read on to learn how to make these paper palm fronds from Kraft paper.

Make these paper palm frond decorations from Kraft Paper | Dossier Blog
DIY Dried Paper Palm Fronds

You will need:

Roll of Kraft paper
Double-sided tape
Scissors, ruler
Bamboo poles (garden-stake variety is fine!)

Fold the paper like a paper fan | Dossier Blog
Fold the fan shape in half lengthways | Dossier Blog
Use double-sided tape to stick the halves together | Dossier Blog

I’m sure we’ve all made paper fans in our earlier years, and these paper palm fronds are based off this method. My Kraft paper roll was 70cm wide. I cut sections that were 50cm long (you will need two sections for each palm frond).

Start by folding a thin strip along the longer side of the paper. I used the width of a ruler to keep my folds even. Turn the paper over, and fold another strip back the other way. Continue doing this in a zig-zag, or ‘fan’ effect until you’ve folded the whole length.

Repeat with another section of paper. Then, fold each section in half lengthways.

Stick the two halves together along one half-edge using double sided tape. On the back side, attach a bamboo pole up the middle using more tape. This is the first basic palm frond shape – a fan.

To make a spiky palm frond like a Palmetto Palm, repeat the above steps. Before you attach a bamboo pole, fold the paper flat and cut on a diagonal into the fan. You may need to do this in a few layers if the paper is too thick. Unfold the fan to reveal the spiky frond effect.

Make two sides and stick together with double-sided tape | Dossier Blog

The last palm frond shape is more of an oval. Fold two sections of paper as above. Then, instead of folding them in half lengthways, fold them around a third of the length. When you stick the two sections together (on the longer side), the frond will look more like a ‘shell’ shape. Take a pair of scissors and flatten out the sides in sections. Cut a curve around each side to smooth off the edges.

These paper palm fronds would look great as part of a party decor, or just added into a dried arrangement at home! I’ve added them into my pampas grass collections and they match quite well together.

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