Easy DIY Balsa Wood Gift Tags

I know what you’re thinking – can a wood DIY project really be easy?! I promise this DIY doesn’t require any power-tools or really any tools at all – a few stationery items is all you need! Balsa wood is a soft and lightweight wood often used for craft and model projects, which makes it super easy to work with and use. With the Scandinavian trend of lighter coloured wood all the range at the moment, here is an easy way to incorporate it into your gifts!

How to make Balsa wood gift tags - WITHOUT using any tools!

You will need:

Thin balsa wood (around 1mm thickness – you can get this at craft or hardware stores)
Craft knife or Stanley knife
Cutting mat
Hole punch
Pencil and ruler

Stationery supplies for gift tags

To begin, measure and trace how big you would like your gift tags onto the balsa wood. Mine were about 4x6cm long and some around 2x8cm long. On a cutting mat, cut out your tag using a craft knife, with the ruler to help keep your lines straight. Once you have cut out one tag, use this as a stencil for the others.

Once your tags are cut out, smooth off any rough edges. Use a hole punch to make a hole in the top of the tag – this is where you will be able to tie it on to gifts.

Natural wooden gift tags

You can keep your gift tags natural if you like, or if you would like the Pantone colour-dipped effect, use some tape to make a straight line across the bottom of your tags. Paint the bottom half of the tags and remove the tape when they are dry. I left the other side bare so its free to write on, which can be done with a marker, gel or felt tip pen.

Painted and finished colour-dipped gift tags

Voila! Super easy, right?
Now you have some handmade gift tags on hand to use for those special occasions, or for that special someone 😉

Balsa wood gift tag DIY

DIy wooden tags for gifts

Have you tried working with balsa wood? I would love to hear about your projects!

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