Easy DIY Photo Wall Hanging

Wall hangings have grown in popularity recently, whether they are knitted, macrame or any other type you can think of! Here’s a quick DIY to display your photos in a wall hanging. Its easy, cheap and only takes a few materials to make.

Create a photo wall hanging

You will need:

A stick or piece of dowell
Your photos (polaroids or other)
Scissors and tape
A wall hook (if you don’t already have a place to hang it)

diy supplies

For this DIY you can use a stick or a piece of dowel wood and even spray paint it if you prefer a different colour. We kept ours natural.

Firstly, measure a piece of string that your stick will hang off and tie the string at each end. Its a good idea to just tie it loosely and hang it up to decide how low you would like it to hang. Once you have attached the piece of string, hang it up anyway to see how the stick will hang. This way you can make sure that when you tie the other pieces of string on that your photos will be attached to, the knots will face downwards. If you are using dowel, this doesn’t matter so much.

Measure out some lengths of string that your photos will hang on to. We went with five rows. You can choose to make your lengths random or have them fan downwards like ours. In this case, each row of string (except for the middle row) will have a piece on either side of the same length. Tie each piece of string onto the stick and trim any excess around the knot.

create a layout first

Lay out your photos so you know how you would like them to look once they are all up.

How to tape your photos

Cut a small piece of tape and stick it over the string on the back of your photo. Repeat until you have taped up all your photos.

Voila, hang up your wall art and you are done!

hang your photos with a wall hanging

easy diy photo wall hanging

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