Is your Fiddle Leaf just not growing how you imagined?
Learn to Grow a Lush & Healthy Fiddle Leaf Fig and feel confident caring for your plant.

Do you struggle to identify why your plant isn’t growing, or don’t know what you can do to keep it happy?

Or maybe you end up getting even more confused when you try to research and understand what exactly your plant needs, and what NOT to do?

Maybe you’re struggling with browning, sad looking growth or you’ve tried and failed to keep a Fiddle Leaf alive!

Explosive Growth will give you step-by-step, easy to understand explanations on exactly how to care for your plant to see it not just survive, but really thrive!

Imagine if you could...

Grow the Pinterest-worthy Fiddle Leaf of your dreams & felt confident caring for it!

Lush Leafy Growth

You could grow your Fiddle Leaf into that lush, green tree-like (or bushy) plant of your Pinterest dreams.


You’re able to identify problems like browning & leaf drop BEFORE they become a problem, and you knew exactly what to adjust to keep your Fiddle Leaf in perfect care!

Be Confident

You could feel confident in knowing exactly what your plants needs (and you could even advise on what other peoples’ plants need when you see them, too)!

In Explosive Growth, You'll Learn:

Natural Environment

To understand your Fiddle Leaf from the perspective of its natural growing environment.

Lighting Requirements

Know what levels of light they need and be able to identify issues caused by low light.

Be a Watering Pro

Know EXACTLY when your plant needs watering, how much to water and how to troubleshoot problems caused by too much or too little water (and know the difference)!

Know Your Soil

Dive deep into the perfect soil, nutrients and why they’re a major factor when it comes to Fiddle Leaf health.

Routines & Troubleshooting

Create a routine for checking your plants’ needs, learn to read your plant and have the confidence to make changes to bring your plant back to health.

Free Downloads

As part of the course, you’ll also receive a downloadable Care Card and Watering Tracker to help with your routine.

What other are saying about Emily's advice:

A couple weeks ago I finally made the decision to get my Fiddle Leaf Fig plant, after almost 2 years of wanting one. It was almost already far grown because I wanted a tall one. I placed it on THE spot I was dreaming about, and two weeks in it began to show some black spots…they began to multiply every day and I got pretty scared it wouldn’t survive. I took a leap of faith and wrote to Emily, of whom I was already a fan for her FLF passion. She replied super fast and gave me very specific recommendations which I followed. Not only my FLF was way happier, it began growing new leaves like crazy. Two on one branch and other that I thought were dormant buds. I’m forever grateful!” – Karla

I have been able to save and take care of my Fiddle Leaf literally only thanks to your blog! The moment she dropped her leaves I already knew what to do: from watering to sun needs to strengthening the trunk. Now she’s looking better and better every day. Next step- repotting! Oh, and I love to tell about your blog everyone who asks for help with FLF. Thank you so much!” – Margaryta​

Is this course for you?

This Course is for you if:

You have or are thinking of getting a Fiddle Leaf & want a step-by-step, straightforward guide to care.
You brought your FLF home to find it just isn’t growing how you imagined & want to get it back on track.
You struggle to identify what’s wrong with your plant & want to feel confident caring for its needs.
You’re confused by the conflicting advice online & don’t know where to turn.

This Course is NOT for you if:

Your Fiddle Leaf is growing tremendously and you don’t have any issues.
You don’t want to change anything about your plant.
You’re not interested in learning specifically about Fiddle Leaf Figs.

Your Course Teacher

About Emily from Dossier Blog

Over the past four years, I’ve been able to help thousands of plant lovers with their Fiddle Leafs through the blog, the Grower’s Guide download and also through the countless questions I’ve received. This Explosive Growth is created from a lot of the struggles that so many have had with their Fiddle Leafs and have asked me about. I truly believe these plants will thrive when we understand the fundamentals of their care, and I’m here to share everything I know in an easy to understand, step-by-step video format!

Explosive Growth F.A.Qs

This course is a great place to start! If you’re thinking of getting a Fiddle Leaf, you can know exactly what to do (and what not to do) from the moment you bring it home. Plus, you’ll be able to refer back to the course at any time.

Yes! There’s always something new to learn about plants. Unless you have no concerns or issues with your plant, this course will definitely help you to understand your plant better.

Definitely… It’s not called explosive growth for nothing 😉 You’ll be able to learn what to give your plant to get the kind of Pinterest-worthy growth you’re after!

You could, but the internet is seriously crowd sourced! If you’ve ever searched for plant help and come up with five different answers for your problem and ended up more confused than ever, you’ll know what I mean!

This course is designed to give you the background knowledge on caring for these plants & equip you with the understanding you need to properly care for, diagnose & fix any problems you encounter.

Once signed up, you’ll receive an email to set your password. From there you can watch the video tutorials get your included downloads. You can access the course at any time.

Have more questions? Send us an email.

Explosive Growth includes:

Video Tutorials

Six specific video lessons to truly understand your plant & see your Fiddle Leaf thrive.

Downloadable Watering Tracker

Never lose track of watering! The tracker chart will assist you in making sure your FLF is never too wet or dry.

Downloadable Care Card

A care card summary of your Fiddle Leaf Fig’s needs that you can quickly refer to.

Ready to Experience Lush & Leafy Growth?

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