Five Minute DIY: Hair Scrunchies Tutorial

Is anyone else super stoked that hair scrunchies are back in fashion? Not only do they take a plain ponytail to the next level, but they are so much better for your hair than regular hair ties.

This is one of the DIY projects that shouldn’t take long at all, and I’m sure you could complete it using supplies you already have at home. And if not, there’s a couple of different ways you can make do, which I’ll explain below. Read on for the DIY hair scrunchies tutorial!

You will Need:

-Non-stretch fabric
-Safety Pin

linen fabric for DIY scrunchies

It only takes a small amount of fabric to make your own hair scrunchies, which means that even if you have no fabric scraps, you can really make do with whatever you have!

I used a linen napkin for the white scrunchie. Some other fabric ideas include old clothing items, pillowcases or tablecloths.

Firstly cut a strip of fabric around 45cm long by 10cm wide (or 12 cm for an extra wide scrunchie!)

Fold it in half lengthways, with the right side of the fabric facing in. Sew down this line.

Sew lengthways down the fabric | Dossier Blog

Then turn the fabric tube right-side-out. You may need to attach a safety pin at one end to help feed the fabric through the tube.

Iron your fabric tube flat. Cut a piece of elastic around 20cm long (or cut a hair tie if you don’t have elastic on hand!)

Attach the safety pin to one end of the elastic, to help feed it through the fabric tube. Make sure you hang on to the other end. The fabric will slowly bunch up as the elastic moves through the tube.

Push the fabric down so that you can now easily tie the two ends of the elastic together, to form a loop.

Add elastic to fabric | Dossier Blog

Push one open end of the fabric inside the other, and fold over the fabric edge to make a neat hem. Sew down this line to finish your scrunchie off.

Now you’ve mastered the hair scrunchies tutorial, you can experiment with all different sizes and fabrics! They make a great gift for friends or even just to keep a few on hand (am I the only one whose hair bands so easily disappear?!)

Check out more DIYs here or follow along on Instagram to keep up to date.

Scrunchie finished | Dossier Blog
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