How to Grow an Air Plant on a Crystal


DIY air plant growing on a crystal | Dossier Blog

When I was younger I had a rock collection, and every now and then would purchase some new pretty rocks for this collection. They lived in a tin in my bedside just so I could pull them out every now and then, and looking at how pretty they were…

Fortunately, appreciating crystals and rock formations is a hobby that translates to adulthood, and I’ve just gotten myself a couple of crystal geode-type rocks to add a little sparkle to my home decor.

Not long ago I spotted an air plant for sale that was growing on a crystal and knew I had to try it for myself. And the good news is, the DIY air plant on a crystal geode is SO easy to do!

How to Grow an Air Plant on a Crystal

You will Need:
A crystal or rock of your choice
Air plant
Non-toxic glue such as E6000, hot glue or PVA
A small amount of dirt/sand/small pebbles.

Materials needed to make an air plant grow on a crystal | Dossier Blog

Firstly, if you’re new to caring for air plants, check out these three things you’ll need to look after them properly. For my rocks I used a rose quartz, and and quartz cluster that I found online. While crystals always seemed to be an expensive thing to me, there are some inexpensive ones out there that are good for projects like this.

Because air plants get all their nutrients through their leaves rather than the roots, the base of the plant is generally where they attach themselves to grow on objects in the wild. Sometimes that’s a tree or a rock. In mimicking nature, you may have seen air plants that have been attached to objects to grow on. It’s common to use wire or thread to attach them, but since we don’t want any wires to be seen, glue is totally fine to use and doesn’t harm them at all.

My air plants are a Tillandsia Bergeri (on the rose quartz) and a Tillandsia Stricta on the quartz cluster. You may want to choose your Tillandsias based on the size of your crystals. I went with small ones so they looked in proportion.

Find a spot that works for your air plant to grow from | Dossier Blog

Firstly, place your air plant on your crystal to find the place you’d like it to grow. Maybe there’s a depression where the base of the plant can sit, or a spot that balances out the shape of the crystal.

Remove the air plant and place a dob of glue on this spot on the crystal. Place your air plant on the glue. Then add any sand/dirt/small pebbles around the base to hide any glue from showing. You can use wire or thread to keep the plant in place until the glue dries if needed.

That’s it! What an easy and effective DIY. Place your air plant crystal in a bright but shaded spot, preferably with good airflow.

To water your air plant, submerge it in water once or twice a week. Because air plants get their nutrients through their leaves, you might want to consider giving them an air plant spray to keep them healthy. If you need any help looking after your air plant, check out these tips here or leave me a comment below!

How to grow air plants (TIllandsia) on crystals | Dossier Blog




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  • Hi just wondering what size air plant do you use? 1-2cm or bigger? Thanks

  • Que hermosura felicidades voy a intentar hacerlo.

  • Angel Brewer
    May 5, 2021 6:30 pm

    I just got one of these from Whole Foods in the garden section growing on an amethyst but I dropped it and everything but it seems like the roots broke off of it is there any way I can save it?

    • The roots on air plants are mostly for stability – air plants get their nutrition through air & water, hence their name! So I think your air plant should be just fine 🙂

  • Monica Lepe
    June 12, 2020 4:41 pm

    My air plant leaves are getting yellow and brown. Not looking healthy at all. It’s grown larger and taller then the rock. I originally started to grown it over 8 months ago. What can I do to save it? Any suggestions?
    Feeling sad…I really love this little plant.

    Broken hearted

    • Hey Monica! It really depends on the environment its in, but I would think that yellowing & browning would be caused by either too much or not enough watering. Remember their needs can change with the season and with their environment & size, so it might pay to reassess if you think its getting watered enough or too much. All the best!

  • Thanks for your quick response! I agree it would be easier to just sosk, and put on a timer and walk away, but I am wondering do you think soaking in water might cause the glue to loosen? I am planning to use E6000 glue on mine.

  • I also just LOVE this creative idea. It is truly beautiful! When you soak them weekly for a minute or two, are you putting the whole thing, the rock and the glued on airplant into a small plastic tub (like a Chinese soup container) filled with water and submerging the whole thing? Is the rock is on the bottom standing up, and you fill up the water level to the top of the airplant, and remove after one minute? Would this work? Or can you fill the tub with water and turn the rock upside down and submerge just the plant and hold the rock in your hand for one minute?

  • Do you attach the plant to the crystal stone before or after soaking

    • Hi! Air plants need to be regularly watered, so whether you start before or after attaching it to the crystal is up to you. If you soak the plant before, just make sure it’s dry before attaching it to the crystal so that the glue holds. If you don’t want to soak the whole air plant and crystal, misting is another option. However I prefer to soak them weekly for a minute or two, to ensure they get the water they need 🙂

  • If the plant is on a crystal like amethyst or rose quartz, is it okay to submerge it in water? Won’t that harm the crystal?

    • Hi Haley, thanks for your question. I don’t personally follow the new age thinking behind crystals, I made this DIY to be purely decorative. One option is to mist the air plant regularly, however I prefer to fully soak them to ensure they get watered fully 🙂

  • Wow… I just love this air plant on a crystal. This is really very easy to make. It’s an awesome piece of art. Thanks for sharing.

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