Make this Beaded Sunglasses Strap

Wooden beads are making a comeback right now and their simplicity makes them so versatile!

While chunky wooden beads are being used everywhere in home decor, I thought I’d try my hand at making a beaded sunglasses strap.

And I’m happy to report that this DIY is so simple! It will only take a few minutes but leaves you with a bespoke fashion accessory!

For this project I actually ordered the beads and sunglasses loop connectors online for very cheap. Thank goodness for the internet. When you can’t find exactly what you need for a project locally (or don’t know where to look), eBay & Amazon comes through!

The wooden beads I used were 4-5mm in size, and I’ve linked where you can find some of these supplies online below.

How to made a beaded sunglasses strap | Dossier Blog
DIY beaded sunglasses strap | Dossier Blog

You Will Need:

Wooden Beads
Sunglasses loop connector
Jewellery thread
Jewellery crimps & small pliers

Start by threading your wooden beads onto your jewellery thread. I didn’t actually measure how long my strap was, but just made it how long I wanted it to be.

Once you have enough beads threaded on, leave an inch or so of thread at each end to finish it off. Add a crimp to the thread and loop the thread itself back into the crimp, before squashing it with pliers to create a loop.

Do the same to the other end of your beads and then add the loop connectors onto each end.

Put the beaded sunglasses strap onto your glasses and you’re done!

Check out more of my fashion & beauty DIYs.

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