Make this Raffia Side Table from a Plant Stand

Guys! I don’t normally do a lot of Kmart hacks on my blog, but sometimes when you get a brainwave you just have to roll with it!

I love a good stroll around Kmart as much as anyone, however it takes a lot of self-control to not find a use for almost everything on the shelves.

If you’re interested in making this raffia side table, all you’ll need is a $5 circular plant stand from Kmart. And you won’t need weaving skills – this DIY is super simple. It takes under an hour to complete, and you too can have a unique side table that will have everyone wondering which European homewares store you brought it back from..!

Follow the tutorial below with detailed images of wrapping the raffia.

How to make a raffia side table using a Kmart plant stand - read this tutorial! | Dossier Blog
Make this raffia side table using a plant stand | Dossier Blog
Make this Raffia Side Table from a Plant Stand

You will Need:

Kmart plant stand or similar
Natural raffia (available here)
PVA Glue (optional)

Step one - knot the raffia around the inside circle | Dossier Blog
Step two - loop the raffia around the outside circle | Dossier Blog

Start by taking a strand of raffia and folding it in half. Wrap the folded end around the inner circle of the plant stand, pulling the loose ends through to form a knot. Then, pull the strand to the outer circle on the stand and wrap it around one and a half times.

Step three - wind the raffia around the middle circle | Dossier Blog
Step four - continue until the raffia is used up, then tie a knot | Dossier Blog

Come back in to the middle circle and loop it around. Take it back to the inner circle, loop it around and continue the process until the raffia strand reaches the end. Then tie a knot to the closest circle.

As you wrap the raffia around the circles, make sure they are pulled tight. After doing this to a few strands, you should be able to bunch up the raffia as closely as possible on the inner circle. Similarly, spread the raffia out on the outer circle, like a fan effect.

Work your way around the plant stand until the circles are completely covered. Trim any raffia ends or loose strands.

As an added security to make sure the raffia stays put, paint a little PVA glue onto the ends and knots.

Once the glue is dry, your raffia side table is ready to use!

The finished table - so easy to make! | Dossier Blog
This side table is perfect for weekend chills, indoor and outdoor use | Dossier Blog
Its so easy to turn a plant stand into a boho side table - follow this tutorial! | Dossier Blog

Raffia is one of my favourite materials to work with. You can view all my raffia DIYs here, or check out a couple favourites – the Raffia Sunburst Mirror, Raffia Pendant Lights and Raffia Earrings.

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