How to Make your own Solid Perfume

How to make a solid perfume out of your favourite scent, essential oils, or an aromatherapy mix!

Making a solid perfume is easier and quicker than you think. It only takes a few simple ingredients to turn a perfume into a portable, non-leaking and easy-to-use balm. They make great gifts for the guy or gals in your life, whether you know their favourite scent or would like to experiment with making your own!

If you haven’t already converted to the solid perfume buzz, have a look at these benefits of owning a solid perfume. 

To hold your solid perfume, you can either buy small-sized pots in the travel section of a supermarket or pharmacy, or have a look around at home for some small containers. Maybe you have some empty lip balm tubes or pots, a used up blush (or other makeup) compact, tiny jars from condiments or even a locket necklace.

Make your own solid perfume out of a few simple ingredients | Dossier Blog

Making a solid perfume is similar to making a lip balm if you’ve ever done one – you can just be a bit more creative with the fragrance! So firstly, here’s some ideas on different fragrances to use:

-Turn your favourite perfume into a solid balm for travel
-Use up sample perfume bottles you may have lying around
-Make aromatherapy balms instead of carrying bottles of liquid on you
-Create your own scent by mixing essential oils and other fragrances!

A few aromatherapy ideas:

Perfume balm for relaxation: Lavender and Rose
For sleep: Chamomile and Cedarwood
For alertness: Lemon and Peppermint

How to Make a Solid Perfume

You will need:

A Carrier Oil (such as olive oil)
Fragrance (your perfume or essential oils)
Small containers (such as lip balm tubs and tubes)
Pipette (optional)

Ingredients for a solid perfume | Dossier Blog

Firstly, put equal parts beeswax and carrier oil into a small container or jar. How much you use will depend on how many you’d like to make. To melt the wax, put the container in the microwave for small intervals, stirring in-between. You could also hold it over a larger bowl of hot water while stirring if you didn’t want to use a microwave.

Use lip balm tubes or small containers to make travel perfumes | Dossier Blog

Once the mix has completely melted, add in your fragrance or scented oils. How much you add will depend on how large a portion you are making, but aim for around a few drops per finished product. Add just a few drops for a milder scent or more drops for a stronger scent. If you are using a perfume, it will be diluted in the balm so you can use more for a stronger scent. If you want to make different fragrances in the one batch, just divide the liquid mix into separate containers before adding in the scent.

Don’t worry if your mix starts to solidify while you’re working. Just reheat it until its completely melted again. Working quickly, use a pipette or teaspoon to transfer your mixture into your containers or carefully pour it into the containers. Leave it to solidify (if shouldn’t take too long), and voila, you have your first solid perfume!


Mix scents or essential oils to DIY your own solid perfume | Dossier Blog

You can always make a solid perfume special gifts, personalising scents for friends and even creating aromatherapy mixes for different occasions. Know someone going through a stressful time? A mix including lavender balm in a cute gift pack would be so thoughtful.

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