Monastiraki Flea Markets, Athens

The Monastiraki flea markets would have to be some of my favourite markets I have ever been to. It was the perfect balance of old and new, cheap and luxurious, and quirky, locally made finds. The markets are actually more like small shopfronts along a paved walkway, until the real ‘flea’ section starts, where antiques and furniture are sprawled along the pavement waiting for treasure seekers.

Monastiraki Square
Monastiraki Square – The subway station is the yellow building on the right

The markets are quite easy to find as they stretch from Monastiraki Square, which is also where Monastiraki subway station opens up to. From the square you can turn left or right to explore the markets. Walking from one end we passed souvenirs, locally made products and clothes, and as we progressed the stalls turned into to vintage and antique finds – furniture, lamps, musical instruments and little gadgets.

Entrance to Monastiraki Markets off the Square Leather goods in Monastiraki Markets

Tiles from the markets

Perfume balms from the markets

Quirky juice stall

Antique side of the markets

The markets definitely have a Turkish influence and I even picked up a Turkish lamp, although the shop owner told us they originated and were made in Crete, Greece. So who knows! He even told us the story behind them being a symbol of love to hang outside your house. The shop assistants in the markets are very welcoming and are often standing outside their store to invite you in the moment you take interest in one of their products. There are so many bargains and unique products to be found, here’s some of my spoils from the Monastiraki Markets.

electric Turkish lamp locally made leather sandals

I spent ages deciding on this lamp – there were so many to choose from! I’ve always wanted one, but wanted to get one that had a light bulb and plug rather than candlelit. With the help of Julian we decided to go with neutral colours, and it looks good with the light on or off. We also found some cute locally made real leather sandals for a new little friend we will meet when we return home!

Cute perfume balms from Monastiraki

These cute pots are little perfume balms that were a bargain and too pretty to pass up.

Perfume balms from Monastiraki Markets Bargains at Monastiraki Markets



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