Make These Mudcloth Inspired Planters

Easy pot update: Mudcloth inspired planters | Dossier Blog


What I love about mudcloth is that is has a free-drawn vibe about it, making it easy to recreate at home. It’s totally fine for the lines to be not completely straight! Mudcloth is a traditional method of dying fabric using mud and plant dyes from Mali. Its popularity has increased in western culture, with a flood of mudcloth fabrics and styles entering homewares. The high contrast and geometric style make it easy to recreate the look of, like we have with these mudcloth inspired planters.


You will Need:

-Paint Markers

Paint markers are a great option for this DIY as they can mark almost any surface – plastic, ceramic, metal, terracotta or other. I used Pentel paint markers and they worked so well for this project! The method for this DIY is simple, use the paint markers to recreate tribal and mudcloth-style patterns on your pots. To help keep your lines and patterns straight, stick the tape around the pot as a guide for each row of pattern.

Materials for the mudcloth planters - use tape to help keep your patterns straight | Dossier Blog

Use Google or Pinterest for some pattern ideas and mix and match them all you like – there’s no rules! I love how effective this DIY is to update a plain pot or add some tribal patterns into your decor.

Easy DIY Mudcloth inspired planters - update your old pots | Dossier Blog

DIY Tribal and mudcloth patterns on planters | Dossier Blog


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make these mudcloth inspired planters at home - so simple! | Dossier Blog

How to recreate the look of mudcloth on almost anything! | Dossier Blog

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