My Go-To DIY Face Mask for Nights In

Sometimes I get the urge to put on a face mask and the last thing I want to do is drive to the supermarket to pick one up. Thankfully I’ve experimented with a few DIY face masks and happened to find one that I would even use in place of a store-bought mask!

There is definitely a natural trend happening in skincare at the moment, and the good news is you don’t have to pay big money for it. I realised I’ve never shared my favourite DIY face mask with you guys and it’s about time I should!

Face mask for nights in | Dossier Blog

I love this mask because it soothes redness and doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight. Some masks have a lot of benefits but are almost too strong for my skin – you pay the price by skin feeling taught or irritated after.

This mask leaves my skin feeling fresh, soothed and hydrated. There’s nothing that can harm your skin in it if left on too long, which is a bonus. Plus, I’m sure you already have these three ingredients in your kitchen – there’s nothing fancy about them, but they do work wonders! The ingredients in this mask are honey, lemon, and green tea. Before I go into making it, let me explain the benefits of these ingredients.

My go-to DIY Face Mask for Nights In | Dossier Blog

Green tea is known to be good for your insides and outsides. In fact, there’s many green tea-based beauty products already on the market. But there’s nothing special about the tea they’ve used – any green tea (teabag or looseleaf) will do the trick! It soothes skin and has antioxidants which are so beneficial. If you want to go all out, you can even bathe in it!

Another way to make this face mask is to use chamomile tea instead of green tea, which also has amazing antibacterial and soothing skin benefits.

Honey is also known for its antibacterial and soothing nature. Its best to use pure, unprocessed honey if you have it. The beneficial parts of honey are often lessened during the processing phase.

Lemon is brightening, just like skincare products which use Vitamin C or citric acid. It’s also an antibacterial and is great for treating acne and blackheads naturally.

Using green tea, honey and lemon in a face mask | Dossier Blog.
How to Make this DIY Face Mask:

Firstly, I’ll brew some green tea in as little water as possible – just enough to cover the bag (or leaves). Leave it in the water for a few minutes to get the most out of it. Using just a small amount of water concentrates the green tea. Then, I’ll mix equal parts green tea and honey in a small container, adding a squeeze of lemon.

If you have a disposable face mask cloth, soak it in the mixture and put the mask on your face. An alternative is to ‘paint’ the mix onto your skin with a flat, clean makeup brush. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes to half an hour. Wipe off with a washer and feel how fresh and soothed your skin looks!

DIY face mask using honey | Dossier Blog
DIY face mask from easy ingredients | Dossier Blog

This DIY face mask is one of my favourites for a night in. I love that you don’t have to worry about what you’re putting on your face, and I can pronounce all the ingredients, unlike some of the bottles in the beauty isle!

Do you make your own face masks? I’d love to hear what you use!

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