My Travel Beauty Hacks you Can’t Leave Home Without

There’s more to travel beauty than simply packing smaller versions of your favourite products! Travel beauty hacks should make travel leakproof, lighter & easier while still feeling a little bit luxe. Over the years I’ve spent traveling, I’ve tried a myriad of travel beauty products and trends. And I’ve found some products that work great and others that are better off left at home.

Unfortunately, what’s marketed as travel beauty and what actually works for travelers can be two very different things. That’s why I’ve title this post as a ‘hack’. Some of the below may be a little unconventional, but speaking as a seasoned traveler, they’re what have worked well for me.

So here’s my travel beauty hacks you can’t leave home without. They’ll save space, stop spills and make traveling easier without compromising on your care routine!

My Travel Beauty Hacks you can't leave home without: Find out what to pack and what to leave at home | Dossier Blog
Paula’s Choice ‘Sample’ Sized Beauty Products
My travel beauty hacks you can't leave home without: Paula's Choice sample-sized products | Dossier Blog

Paula’s Choice is an amazing beauty brand that I’ve used for years. Firstly it’s such a transparent brand that is backed by science (and products that work!). And secondly they’ve created a way for their customers to sample products without having to commit to purchasing a whole bottle. On their website you’ll find sample-sized sachets of all of their products that can be purchased for $1-2 each. Apart from being a great way to try-before-you-buy, it’s also a travel beauty hack I can’t do without!

If you’re going away for a weekend or have a long-haul flight to catch, their sample-sized products are a great way to take cleansers, toners & more away with you. I can generally get 2-3 uses out of a sachet, which makes them great for flights or a night or two away. And I don’t have to worry about leakage, finding travel-sized bottles or even fitting products into my bag.

One of the products I took with me on our last trip was their sample size rehydrating moisture mask, which I put on at the beginning of a long flight. You can leave this mask on overnight (or all flight). The great part about it is that it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a face mask at all! It’s a great way to keep skin hydrated while flying in that dry airplane air.

Travel Nail-Polish Remover Wipes
Nail Polish removing wipes are a great option for travel | Dossier Blog

Before our last trip I was searching for a product like these, but unfortunately didn’t find them in time to take with me! If there’s one thing you don’t want leaking in your luggage, it’s nail polish remover. And considering that you may only use it once or twice during your trip, it’s just not worth bringing the whole bottle. But the travel version? Sign me up!

If you’re on a trip that will last longer than your manicure, these nail polish remover wipes are pre-soaked and ready to use. One sachet can remove both hands of polish and I really think its a great innovation. Similarly, they’re easy enough to keep in your purse, with your toiletries or even in the car.

Silicone Travel-Sized Leakproof Bottles
Leakproof silicone travel bottles are the best for travel | Dossier Blog

Sometimes our favourite products just don’t come in a travel size. If you are one that likes to take specific products with you, these silicone bottles are the best as far as travel containers go. Far too many times I’ve wasted product because the bottles’ design doesn’t allow the liquid or cream to come out easily. Stiff bottles just aren’t very well innovated for use and can be prone to cracking and leakage.

But these silicone bottles allow you to squeeze product out easily (without having to turn it upside down, shake it, bang it around or anything else). They’re also leakproof and TSA approved.

Solid Shampoo, Conditioner & Face Cleanser Bars
Travel Beauty Hack: Don't leave home without a solid cleanser bar! | Dossier Blog

Solid bars of shampoo, conditioner and face cleanser can be a little hard to find but I think they’re about to grow in popularity. Once you find ones you like, it’s hard to go back! Solid bars are the way to go if you want to limit the liquids you need to take traveling or are only using carry-on luggage. They appear like a normal cake of soap but they’re specially formulated as shampoos, conditioners or face cleansers.

They can take a little getting used to. But I’ve used a solid face cleanser bar in the past, and it is one of my favourite face washes. Most cleansing bars are oil-based, which helps to remove dirt and makeup without stripping your skin of natural oils. They also generally contain a lot less nasties than liquid shampoos, conditioners and face washes! A solid cleansing bar leaves my face feeling super clean without leaving it tight, dry or irritated.

They’re also a great way to reduce your waste and use of plastic packaging. Plus, the product actually lasts for a long time! Generally you can cut them up to take smaller sections away with you and leave the rest at home too.

The Australian store Lush has a great range of solid bars to choose from.  Ethique is a another great brand available on Amazon with a range of solid hair, face and body cleansers. They have sample packs available for face & hair so you can test them out to find your favourite products easily, and they also offer decomposable storage containers.

Compressed Face Wipe Tablets
Compressed towelettes are great for travel | Dossier Blog

You may or may not have seen these before. What looks like a small, dry tablet-shaped item becomes a face towelette when soaked in water. Hand sanitisers are great for killing germs, but if your hands feel sticky or dirty, they don’t do much to remove the grime. I often found by the time we got on the plane, I was hanging out for the hot towelette after moving through the airport and handling my luggage.

These little tablets can be run under water or even soaked in the cap of your water bottle to expand. They’re a great travel beauty hack to wipe your hands or face on long trips where it’s awkward to wash your face or even get to running water. Their size makes them easy to carry with you and also helps with reducing the packaging of regular wet wipes. If you have kids I’m sure you could find a hundred uses for these, too!

Unfortunately I’ve been in that awkward position of washing my face in an airport bathroom only to realise there’s no option to wipe my face. Airports and planes are a great place to use these compressed tablets. Another great use is to soak them with micellar water for an instant face wash (without the mess). I’ve also kept them in my car where they work well for accidental spills or just when you need to wipe your hands.

My Travel Beauty Hacks and Heroes to keep your luggage light and leakproof! Don't leave home without them! | Dossier Blog

I hope my travel beauty hacks help you travel lighter and easier! It’s taken a long time to find what works and what doesn’t, and if you have any other hacks I’d love to hear about them. If you found this post helpful, don’t forget to Pin it to refer back to.

If you’re after more travel hacks, check out my post on how I managed to avoid jet lag on our longest trip yet.

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