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Are You:


Confused about conflicting plant advice online, and don’t know what steps you should take?


Struggling to figure out what’s wrong with your plant, or how to nurse it back to health?


Scared to try a remedy in fear of making the issue worse?

Needing Help

Do you need someone to ask whose guidance you can trust?

This is what spider mite damage looks like | Dossier Blog
Get an Expert Plant Consultation with an Action Plan to feel confident in caring for your plant!
How Does a Plant Consult Work?

A plant consultation will give you answers and detailed action steps for a range of plant situations, including declining health, pests, propagating, pruning, repotting and more.

Step One:

Fill out the question form below about what you’re experiencing with your plant

Step Two:

Submit photos of your plant for reference

Step Three:

Receive a personalised feedback report with action steps via email

Your Plant Consult Includes:

Detailed Report

A report with detailed action steps that you can refer to when needed, based on your plant’s unique conditions so that you can achieve health for your plant

Product Recommendations

Product recommendations that can help your situation, based on your plant and its environment

Additional Resources

Further links and resources to extra information if needed.

A copy of the Grower’s Guide

Receive a complimentary copy of Emily’s 18 page eBook, the Fiddle Leaf Fig Grower’s Guide

What Others are Saying:

‘You saved my plant!’

‘I finally made the decision to get my Fiddle Leaf Fig plant, after almost 2 years of wanting one. I placed it on THE spot I was dreaming about, and two weeks in it began to show some black spots…they began to multiply every day and I got pretty scared it wouldn’t survive. [Emily] gave me very specific recommendations which I followed. Not only my FLF was way happier, it began growing new leaves like crazy. Two on one branch and other that I thought were dormant buds. I’m forever grateful!’

About Emily - Your Plant Consultant

Since starting Dossier Blog in 2016, Emily has been able to help hundreds of people with their plants. What started out as a mild Fiddle Leaf Fig obsession grew to experimenting, reading and learning everything she could about not just Fiddle Leafs but a myriad of other plants too.

After many requests from the plant community for an option to get personalised plant advice, the online Plant Consult was created.

Whether you need reassurance that you’re on the right track, need advice on what approach to take or want a step-by-step approach to fixing a plant problem, the plant consult is for you!

Frequently Asked Questions:
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