Plant Lovers Gift Guide: My Top Picks!

As a self-confessed plant lover, this gift guide was hardly a chore to come up with! A lot of these items have been on my wish list for some time and I’m so excited that I have an official reason to share my top picks now that the festive season is here.

Below there’s some info on each of the products on the Gift Guide and links to where you can find them. Maybe you’re looking for a gift for the planty person in your life, or perhaps YOU are the plant lover – in which case, continue to browse away and grab yourself a little something for Christmas!

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One – Plantopedia & Wild At Home Books

Only just hitting the shelves recently, Plantopedia: The Definitive Guide to Houseplants is the newest ‘it’ book to hit the plant world! It is the definitive houseplant guide, featuring profiles on over 130 plants with the most beautifully designed pages. It’s a must-have in your book collection!

Hilton Carter is a must-follow plantfluencer and his first book Wild At Home showcases his own and many other indoor plant spaces. This book is informative as well as stunning to browse through!

Two – Sustee Moisture Meters

Sustee Aquameters help you know when your plant needs to be watered. If you (or someone you know) are prone to overwatering or perhaps forgetting your plants, this is a great tool to have. The aquameters last for 6-9 months and are refillable. So if you’re looking for something small or a stocking stuffer, grab an aquameter!

Three – Woven Hanging Basket

I love the uniqueness of this Bamboo Wall Planter which can actually be used for a range of objects, such as kitchen implements, pens and pencils or simply as a catch-all.

Four – Propagation Station

This Glass Propagation Station is a great way to keep track of how your latest propagated cuttings are going. If you’re anything like me, the windowsills get taken up with various jars and cuttings, which are a little prone to getting knocked about. This propagation station can be wall mounted to keep your cuttings safe and out of reach!

Five – Rattan Plant Stands

We plant people are quite easy to please, really. All it takes is a beautiful planter such as these rattan plant stands. They come in a range of sizes (the medium and the small featured above). But of course I added them both into this guide because I can’t get over how great they look as a set.

Six – Gardening Coveralls

Not that you need an excuse to wear these fun Dickies Women’s Coveralls, but if you did, getting stuck into plant care is the perfect reason. These are on my personal wishlist so I can look forward to my slow Saturday mornings, donning my coveralls and pottering round the plants. Having a dedicated outfit for plant activities is a sign of a true plant person!

Seven – Vintage Pruning Scissors

Pruning scissors are a staple item for any gardener or plant person. However the majority of shears are chunky, gaudy or just not too pleasing on the eye. Take your pruning up a notch with these Gold Pruning Scissors – they are functional as well as beautiful to display.

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Eight – Grow Light

For my Northern Hemisphere friends, there’s no better time to invest in a Soltech Aspect Grow Light to keep houseplants happy over winter! My friends at Soltech are offering 15% off with the code dossier2021.

Any self-confessed plant person will love you forever for gifting them the most elegant plant light on the market – some serious brownie points are on offer with this gift! Psst… Did I mention they ship internationally?! Winning!

Nine – Water Mister

It doesn’t matter if you’re team mist or team anti-mist, this Glass Misting Bottle is beautiful enough to swing anyone! But seriously, although I don’t often mist my plants, a spray bottle is still a necessity for treating plants with pest solutions. Why not treat your plants with a fancy mister? It’s too beautiful to not be on display.

Ten – Plantstraws

Plantstraws are the ultimate aesthetic self-watering system for thirsty house plants. They’re ideal if you are prone to forgetting to water your plants, or if you’re going away for a short time. Plantstraws combine form & function beautifully and are one of the more modern, classy takes on self-watering systems.

Eleven – Hygrometer (Humidity Reader)

Any plant person will know that humidity is a key measurement when it comes to the health of a lot of indoor plants! Tropicals, calatheas, fig varieties and more all rely on a humid environment. Grab a  Gold Analog Hygrometer to keep track of where the humidity is sitting in your home, and make adjustments accordingly.

Twelve – Potting Bench

It’s only recently that I realised I was in need of a Wooden Potting Bench and I’ve actually ordered this exact one! And what a great way to house soil mixes, spare pots and your plant tools all in the one place. A designated potting bench takes plant care to the next level (and keeps it tidy for the rest of the family too).

Note: If you’re in Australia, you can find this potting bench here.

Thirteen – Seagrass Hanging Planter

When all else fails, a gorgeous Seagrass hanging planter with a trailing plant can cover a multitude of sad presents. I’d recommend filling this planter with a fishbone cactus, string of pearls or devil’s ivy before gifting.

Fourteen – Plant Food & Neem Leaf Shine

Plant Runner provide a range of helpful planty products and I love that their Plant Food and Neem Oil Leaf Shine are packaged so beautifully! Keep your plants in top health with this combo. They also have refills available. If you’re after a gorgeous plant food option in the US, this Arum Plant Food is a great option (and also happens to be the 9:3:6 NPK ratio perfect for Fiddle Leafs).

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So – what’s your pick from the above list? Feel free to share a link to this post as a hint to your friends and family 😉  Or drop me a comment below with any questions you might have about the products mentioned. Merry Plantmas!

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