Small Space Series: 10 Practical Bathroom Storage Ideas

If you’re anything like me, your bathroom seems way too small to contain all the bottles, samples and products needed to get ready in the morning! Good bathroom design and storage is a major factor in making things easier. But sometimes you just have to make do with what you’ve got.

Short of becoming a minimalist, I’ve found a few items over the years of living with small bathrooms that really make the space more workable. And they even help remove some of the clutter! Maybe you’ve gotta make do with a small bathroom or really need help to find homes for your products? Either way, these 10 bathroom storage ideas for small spaces can help you do just that!

Ten bathroom storage ideas for small spaces. Got a tiny bathroom? Try these storage and organisation hacks to simplify your space! | Dossier Blog

10 Practical Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Hair Straightener Holder

If there’s one bathroom electronic I use almost daily, its a flat iron! But there’s nothing worse than having to rifle through a cupboard everyday just to pull it out. Instead I’d leave it on the counter, where it was exposed to water splashes and could potentially fall onto the floor (cringe). Those things are expensive and its not worth the risk of breaking it! A hair straightener holder was a game changer for me! It not only freed up the counter and cupboard space, but kept it safe. This one uses suction cups that can stick onto your mirror, tiles or wall. It frees up that much needed counter space while keeping it safe from water. It’s also silicon and can even be used to protect yourself or other items from the heat when travelling or transporting it.

Trolley Shelves with wheels

One way I got a whole lot more space in my bathroom for bottles & products is a trolley like this. Mine fits perfectly between the shower and sink cabinet, giving me that much needed extra storage space. Having one with wheels allows me to roll it out of the way if need be, or when cleaning.

Stick-On Pods

These self-adhesive small storage pods are a great way to store smaller items that would otherwise get lost in a bathroom cabinet. Stick them on the inside of the cabinet door, on the tiles or mirror to store small makeup products, toothbrushes, bobby pins and nail polishes.

Above Toilet Shelves

One much forgotten area of dead space in the bathroom is above the toilet! If you don’t already have a shelf or cabinet here, these shelves are a great way to utilize the space. Its a great spot to store toilet paper, toiletries or towels.

Eye-level Storage Mirror

Oh, how I need eye-level storage in the bathroom! If your bathroom is as tight as mine, it’s a hassle to bend over and rifle through a deep cabinet for a new soap cake or toothpaste. Eye-level storage cabinets may not be deep, but they don’t need to be. They are great for those regular-use items that can be hidden away within easy reach. If you can swing it, replace your standard mirror with a storage mirror! This one has a range of sizes available to fit all spaces.

Dirty Clothes Hamper

If you keep your hamper in the bathroom, this one is a great option. The bag is detachable which allows it to be washed if it begins to take on the smell of the clothes. It is also able to be flat packed away! I also like that the solid lid is an extra spot to put a few things on when it’s closed.

Bathroom storage and organisation hacks for small spaces | Dossier Blog
Bath Caddy

Not only do bath caddies look great & hold your phone or drink while bathing, but it’s a great bonus storage space. If you have limited space around your bath, a bath caddy is a great place to display bath salts, loofas and candles. These things add ambience to a bathroom and should be seen! This bath caddy is extendable so will fit most baths.

Wine/Towel Rack

Ever thought you could repurpose a wine rack for towels?! This interchangeable wine & towel rack can be hung on the wall or the back of a door to hold five towels, plus a top shelf. My traditional towel rack will only hold two towels! As we’ve all been made aware by Marie Kondo, how you fold things has a huge effect on how much you can store, and how easy things are to access. By rolling your towels you can double the amount you can store with this rack, as opposed to a traditional towel rail.

Apothecary Jars

These canisters are a great way to store disposable items such as cotton swabs and tips in a tasteful way. If there’s items you don’t want to hide away, group them together in canisters to make them feel like they have a home on the counter. These jars could also be used for makeup brushes, small beauty items, soaps or small travel products (shampoo, conditioner etc) for guest bathrooms. Having matching jars makes items look uniform and like they belong.

Pull-Out Draws

If your bathroom cabinets are anything like mine, there’s a whole lot of wasted vertical space on the two shelves. Adding in a pull-out draw set can double or triple the amount you can hold! It can also allow you to group items together by type, making them easier to find. By using the draws, you also don’t have to reach into the back of the cabinet to find things. These ones should fit in most cabinets, but make sure to measure first.

I hope these bathroom storage ideas can help you organise your small space! I know a lot of them have helped me (and made my husband feel relieved – haha). Let me know if you have any more bathroom storage hacks in the comments below! Check out my other posts in the Small Space Series here.

Try these 10 ideas to turn your small bathroom into a functional space! | Dossier Blog
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    April 27, 2019 3:07 pm

    I like how you mention that there are different ways to be able to store shampoo and soap in the bathroom and having a rack just above the sink helps wonders with storing all the different kinds of toiletries that can be found inside it. Another place to consider putting a rack is next to the shower head since it can be easily seen and accessed while taking a bath or a shower. If I had the chance to reorganize the bathroom then I would definitely go for a rack near the shower head since it’s much easier to look for things that may have disappeared.

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