Three Ways to DIY Raffia Hoop Earrings

Three ways to DIY raffia hoop earrings

Is anyone else seriously loving the resurgence of natural fibres in style lately?! To add to my already long list, I can’t get enough of handwoven straw bags, espadrilles, palm leaf visors and (as you know) anything to do with raffia. While my last couple of raffia DIYs have been all about home decor, I thought I’d mix it up to add a little raffia into my wardrobe. These three raffia hoop earring DIYs are easy to make and will take maybe 20 mins (max) of your time! Read on for more.

Three easy ways to do-up a simple pair of hoop earrings using raffia, for a summery tropical look

You will Need:

-Hoop Earrings
-Super Glue

After buying a set of simple hoop earrings from Kmart and a bag of raffia from Lincraft, this DIY will cost you about $7 – of course if you already have some raffia at home, this DIY won’t use much so it can be even cheaper.

DIY raffia tassel hoop earrings

Raffia Tassel Hoop Earrings

To create a tassel, grab a piece of cardboard around 1.5-2 inches wide. Take a strand of raffia and wrap the full length around the cardboard. Take another shorter piece of raffia (around 8 inches) and thread it underneath the looped raffia. Cut one end of the loops off the cardboard, and place it over the hoop earring. Wrap the shorter piece around the loop to fix it to the hoop, tie the ends and cut any loose strands away. Repeat this another two (or more) times to add as many tassels to your earrings as you like.

Raffia tassel earrings step one- wrap raffia around cardboard

Raffia tassel earrings step two - slip a strand through the loop

Raffia tassel earrings step three- put loop onto hoop earring

Raffia tassel earring step four - tie tassel on and repeat.


DIY these easy raffia wrapped hoop earrings to update your earrings

Wrapped Raffia Hoop Earrings

Take a single strand of raffia and tie one end onto the back side of the hoop. Pull it to the other side of the hoop and loop it to create some tension. Continue to wrap the raffia from side to side until you are happy with the amount of zig-zags. Tie the end off and trim off the ends.

Raffia wrapped hoop earrings step one- tie raffia onto hoop

Raffia wrapped hoop earrings step two- wrap raffia onto the hoop at varying angles

Raffia wrapped hoop earrings step three- tie off raffia


How to add a natural raffia braid to a simple pair of hoop earrings

Braided Raffia Hoop Earrings

Take around six (or more) strands of raffia and tie a knot at one end. Braid the raffia, keeping the strands even and flat, right to the end. Once you have finished braiding, cut the top knot off the raffia and super glue the raffia strands in place for a neater start.

Working in small sections, put glue around the edge of the hoop and press on the braid. Hold each section in place for 30 seconds or so until it holds, then continue around the hoop. Once you’ve reached the back of the hoop, cut the excess braid off and glue the end strands down to stop them from unraveling. Do the same for the other hoop earring.

Raffia braided earrings step one- braid raffia and cut off the knot

Raffia braid earrings step two- glue braid onto hoop in sections

Raffia braid earrings step three- cut off remaining braid and glue ends

Raffia braid step four- glue end stands in place


There you have it – three ways to DIY raffia hoop earrings! Which style is your favourite? At the moment I’m loving the braided pair. If you loved these DIYs, pin this post for later or visit my other raffia DIYs here.

Easy way to update your hoop earrings using raffia

Three ways to DIY raffia hoop earrings. Update a simple pair of hoops in 10 minutes!

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