Top Coffee Table Books about Houseplants

Recently I’ve been window-shopping some coffee table books online, and thought some of you might be interested in seeing what’s on my wish list. To me, a coffee table book has to be well-designed and stylish. It’s a must if it’s going to be sitting on one of our most used pieces of furniture – our coffee table!

Secondly it has to either be interesting or functional. And fortunately, my list of coffee table books about houseplants ticks all three of these boxes! So here’s my top houseplant books that not only look amazing, but will have you on your way to being a green thumb before you can turn a page. Read on for my top picks!

Top Coffee Table Books about Houseplants | Dossier Blog
Top Coffee Table Books about Houseplants
A spread from Hilton Carter's Wild at Home | Dossier Blog
WILD AT HOME by Hilton Carter

This book explores the concept of the urban jungle. You may have come across Hilton Carter on Instagram – he’s famous for his amazingly lush interiors and even has a shared green space that can be rented out! Wild at Home is not only a feast for the eyes but also includes a range of plant care tips and tricks to get you growing your ultimate urban jungle.

The Healing Power of Plants books spread | Dossier Blog

Just as the name suggests, this book delves into the healing powers of 80 different houseplants. One page quotes, ‘Take care of your plants and your plants will take care of you’, a central theme to this coffee table book! From plants that help you sleep to plants that boost your brain power. The Healing Power of Plants explores them all!

Plant Style book spread | Dossier Blog
PLANT STYLE by Alana Langan & Jacqui Vidal

Indoor plants have become the ultimate home accessory, and Plant Style explores styling your home with greenery. Learn about how to style indoor plants the modern way and from the experts!

Inside Outside Plants book spread | Dossier Blog
INSIDE OUTSIDE by Linda O’Keeffe

This book turns house plants on its head – by delving into the notion of creating outdoor ‘rooms’, or spaces that can evoke a homely environment. Inside Outside inspires us to create green outdoor rooms built to be lived in – whether that’s for cooking, entertaining, swimming or just relaxing.

Leaf Supply book spread | Dossier Blog
LEAF SUPPLY by Lauren CamilleriSophia Kaplan

From beginner to expert plant curator, this book has something new for everyone. Not only beautifully designed, Leaf Supply explores a range of houseplants and their care requirements. One of my favourite sections of the book is getting a peek inside fellow plant addict’s spaces, and hearing how plants impact their life.

The Book of Palms book spread | Dossier Blog
THE BOOK OF PALMS by H. Walter Lack

Ok ok, it’s technically not a book strictly about houseplants. BUT it only takes one look at The Book of Palms to be convinced that it’s worthy of the prime spot on your coffee table! This book is the work of 1800s explorer Von Martius, who documented volumes of work on Palm trees from the areas of Brazil, Peru and the Amazon. Read it from cover to cover or enjoy a casual flick through of vintage botanical palm drawings.

Urban Botanics book spread | Dossier Blog
URBAN BOTANICS by Emma Sibley & Maaike Koster

So by now you’ve probably figured out I’m a sucker for botanical drawings and illustrations, which is why Urban Botanics makes this list! This book is as beautiful as it is practical, with a collation of 75 easy to care for indoor plants. It’ll have you becoming a plant-master in no time.

House of plants book spread | Dossier Blog
HOUSE OF PLANTS by Rose Ray, Caro Langton & Ro Co

House of Plants is the ultimate urban houseplant guide, with special attention on beginner types such as succulents, air plants and cacti. This book will also show you how to take cuttings and show off your house plants in unique ways by making terrariums and displays.

Botanicum book spread | Dossier Blog
BOTANICUM by Kathy Willis & Katie Scott

Is that vibrant, vintage book spread to die for or what?! Botanicum is a feast of botanical knowledge mixed with artwork that is good enough to be displayed on your walls. This book covers plant life from wildflowers, tropical plants and even crops! By the end of this book you’ll really know how plants work in all facets of life.

Which of these coffee table books about houseplants is on your radar? Out of the ones I’m yet to read, I’m putting The book of Palms at the top of my wish list.

Or do you have your own houseplant book recommendations? Let me know your favourites!

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