Turn a Storage Jar into a Propagation Station

Guys! This little DIY is so simple, I alllmost didn’t think to write a blog post for it. But I know you’ll love it, so here we go!

To turn a storage jar into a propagation station, you’ll need a glass canister or jar that has a wooden lid. Fortunately, these are popular and pretty easy to find these days. I found mine at Kmart or you can order online from Amazon here.

Turn a storage jar into a propagation station | Dossier Blog

You will Need:

-Glass canister (like this one)
-Drill with a borer drill bit or holesaw

Glass canister propagation station

The size of the hole you make in the wooden lid is up to you – mine is around an inch wide, although I’d love to do an even wider version. It may also depend on what tools you have available.

You can measure out the centre of the lid, or just eyeball it. Then take off the lid drill a hole through the centre on a firm work surface.

If there’s any rough edges, sand them down and wash the lid and jar before using.

Your storage jar propagation station is now complete!

This is a cute decorative project as well as being helpful – it keeps cuttings and plant stems upright in the jar, while you can watch the roots growing.

I’d also love to make a version for a plant that can grow in water – maybe Lillies or a Pilea plant.

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