Memories of Paris with Photowall

Memories of Paris with Photowall canvas

Its been two years since our whirlwind trip through Europe, and I’m still itching to go back.

One thing I’ve noticed since we returned home is how much more meaningful little things that tweak our memory of our holiday are – whether its a scene from a movie where we both shout, ‘We’ve been there!’, a meal in a restaurant that tastes strangely familiar, or an art print that keeps the memory alive.

When Photowall offered me the opportunity to test out their canvases, I couldn’t go past getting a little reminder of Paris.

What I love about this multicolor map of Paris is that I know I’ve walked on those streets – I can tell you where we stayed, where the Eiffel Tower is and where we had the best pastries. Meanwhile, its not a typical souvenir but a belated souvenir that I can stare off into at my desk, pretending I’m in Paris instead of at my computer!

A little bit about Photowall- they provide wall murals and canvases that come with simple instructions to set up. They have hundreds of designs to choose from on their website that you can resize, crop or even upload your own image.

My canvas came packed in a box, with simple instructions to put it together. It took around 15 minutes to set up, by sticking the wood frame to the edge of the canvas, folding the sides inward and fitting the screws to keep it in place.

Photowall authentically stampled canvas frame

Photowall allowed me to choose my own size for the image and a week later it had arrived – all the way from Sweden!

Next I would love to try their wall murals – similar to wallpaper, with amazing modern textures such as concrete looks and botanic prints.

I set up some of my instax shots from Paris next to the canvas at my desk. Hopefully I’ll get back there this year – but if not, I’ll just have to keep staring at this instead! 😉

Thank you Photowall for sponsoring this post!

Instax memories of Paris

Photowall canvas at desk




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