Three Ways to use a Turkish Towel when Traveling

Three ways to use a turkish towel when traveling

When I’m traveling, I’m all about taking multi-purpose items that can free up space in my suitcase for more important things! I find one of the hardest things when traveling is maximising the space and weight restrictions of my luggage. It’s a balance between making sure I only take what I need while also having options with things to wear, and space left over for a little shopping!

This is why I love bringing a Turkish towel. If you haven’t heard of one before, a Turkish towel is a lightweight, hand-woven alternative to a regular towel. They are thinner but more versatile. Because of their nature, they also dry quickly once they are wet.

So here’s my three ways to use a Turkish towel when traveling that will have you constantly reaching for it:

1. As a beach towel. I know it may sound obvious, but stay with me. Because of their size they are easy to throw in a day pack or bag for day trips or when you want a quick dip. They are smaller and therefore easier to cart around than a regular towel. Their fast-drying nature means you won’t have any problems with sticking a wet towel back in your bag after using it. As most accommodation places won’t let you take their towels off the grounds, a Turkish towel is a great alternative for when you need it, without having a bulky towel take up half the space in your backpack!

2. As a travel pillow. Its been years since I carried chunky pillows in my bag or the inflatable kind that don’t give any real support.  Just roll up your Turkish towel to support you neck on flights or moments that you want to catch a small rest. While my suitcase may always be a little heavy, I find its always harder to travel when I have a lot of carry-on bits and pieces to think about. So I love being able to eliminate ones I won’t need or use very often by substituting a Turkish towel! Similarly, you can use a Turkish towel…

3. As a travel blanket on flights or other transport. I normally use a blanket scarf for this, but if you’re traveling to a warm destination, chances are you won’t be packing a scarf anyway! Turkish towels are great for cold and overnight flights to help you feel a little more cosy. (Is there anyone else that can’t sleep without a blanket on?!)

A lot of Turkish towel sellers give you the weight as well as the size of each of their towels, and may even give details on their absorbency and softness. Here’s some Turkish towels to check out if you don’t already own one:

Basic towel from Turkish T

Premium towel from Sammimis

Diamond Patterned towel from Etsy

Maximise your luggage space when traveling by bringing a turkish towel! Find out why they are so versatile

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