Trending: These Head Planters will add Personality to your Home or Garden

There’s no doubt that greenery and gardening is back in a big way. Something that has caught my eye recently is the new trend of head planters – a pot shaped either like a head or with a face on it. They are undeniably quirky and whimsical, and much to my surprise there’s quite a few styles on the market!

I couldn’t resist making my own top list of trending head planters. Do you have one yet? This trend is about to be huge. So if you want to be a trend setter, read on to find the perfect head or face planter for you!

Trending: nine head planters for indoor and outdoor plants | Dossier Blog
Greek or roman woman head planter | Dossier Blog
Greek/Roman Woman Head Planter

This traditional-style planter is one of my favourites. It’s made out of concrete so it can be used for indoor plants or outside in the garden. The antique look makes it appear almost real, like a piece of archaeology that was recently dug up. It would look great with an Ivy planted inside. Get it on my mantle now *heart eyes*!

Easter island style concrete head planter | Dossier Blog
Easter Island Statue Head Planter

The captivating statues of Easter Island have been puzzling and drawing travellers for years. These planters of their namesake can be used indoors or outdoors. It would be a great addition to a bookcase or amongst memorabilia for the quirky home decorators out there. A densely-growing ground cover such as Baby’s Tears would suit this head.

This ceramic face vase would suit retro or modern home interiors | Dossier Blog
Ceramic Face Planter Vase

If you’re after a more subtle approach for the head planter trend, this ceramic face planter is right up your alley. It can be used as either a planter or a vase and also comes in black, gold and silver. I would love to see it with a bright bunch of flowers or it could even be used on a desk to store pens and stationery. If your home has a retro or modern vibe, this ceramic vase would fit right in.

Weathered subtle green head planter is great for a surprise detail | Dossier Blog
Weathered Sculptural Head Planter

This cement head planter is another subtle option that is on my wish list! I love the gray-green tones. It’s also more of a natural planter shape that will surprise people when they look closely to see the understated, yet clever facial features. It would suit any type of indoor plant, but I’m thinking one with pink tones would offset this pot nicely.

Head of a man or woman planter is perfect to choose your own plant hairstyle with | Dossier Blog
Head-of-a-Man Resin Planter

Could this head-of-a-man planter get any cuter! This planter also has a head-of-a-lady version, with subtle pink lips. What I love about this planter is that you can really choose its style depending on what you plant in it. Give it an afro with a fishbone fern, braids with a string of pearls or a Rapunzel look with a creeping, trailing plant that will give the impression of ever-growing locks.

Whimsical family planters - create your own family or couple of head planters with this range | Dossier Blog
Whimsical Family Planters

Ok, what could be cuter than collecting a whole family of planters?! These colourful planters are available to purchase separately, but there’s a whole range available that you can mix and match. They would be unbelievably adorable for an anniversary present or other special occasion. It’s a new kind of Love Fern, but way more sincere.

This vintage head planter is wall-mounted and can be used indoors or outdoors | Dossier Blog
Vintage Wall-Mounted Planter

What sets this vintage planter apart is that you can have it wall-mounted. It’s made from high quality cast stone, so it won’t fade when used indoors or outdoors. I would love to see it mounted amongst a artsy gallery wall. It would definitely add some uniqueness to any space!

These air head planters come with air plants (Tillansdia) and are perfect as a couples gift | Dossier Blog
Air Head Couples Planter

These planters are designed specifically for displaying air plants, hence their name. They come ready-to-go in a set a four including the air plants themselves, which would make a cute present! Each piece in the set displays a couple in a different embrace. Air plants are easy to care for, but if you need any help, read this.

This sculptural head planter would look great with an Aloe Vera | Dossier Blog
Sculptural Head Planter Pot

This head planter is more of a natural pot-shape that would work well as a table centrepiece or on a side table. It’s a fun planter that would look great planted with an Aloe Vera or other succulents to add to the structure.

Which is your favourite of all of the face and head planters? I can’t go past the designer family planters or the head of a man, where I could change up his hairstyle depending on what I feel like. If you do get one of these, send me a photo as I would love to see how you choose to style it!

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