12 DIYs of Christmas: Large-Scale Wrapping Paper

I’m always looking for ways to add a personal touch to presents and wrapping paper, and this year is no different! Something with a little thought behind it can often mean so much more than any dollar amount spent on a gift.

This large-scale wrapping paper DIY is a way you can add some uniqueness to your gift giving, and it’s something that won’t take hours and hours of time either! Win-win.

The idea of unraveling a roll of paper and going crazy was inspired by Whitney Laine, an amazing abstract artist with an Etsy store who I came across on Instagram (@whitneylaine_creative). If you love this idea, you’ll love her designs and you may even be able to score some of her own painted wrapping paper on Etsy – *swoon*!

12 DIYs of Christmas: large scale wrapping paper | Dossier BLog

You will need:

Roll of plain paper (like kraft paper)
Paint, brushes or spray paint
Drop sheet or newspaper

making large scale wrapping paper | Dossier Blog
painting a roll of kraft paper | Dossier Blog

For this project you’ll need a little bit of space to spread out. I did this outside, using a roll of disposable plastic tablecloth to cover the area.

Unravel a sheet of wrapping paper so that it’s flat. Take your paint, spraypaint or brush and go crazy!

There’s no rules when it comes to this type of painting. I began by wetting my brush and flicking speckles all over the paper. Then I painted some words and stars around.

You don’t need to be too worried about getting a uniform look, as each section will be individual and like a ‘piece’ of the puzzle!

Once the paint is dry you can then use it as gift wrap, adding ribbons or any other details you like.

diy christmas wrapping paper | Dossier Blog
star painted paper | Dossier Blog
love DIY graffiti wrapping paper | Dossier Blog
Christmas kraft paper DIY | Dossier Blog

Don’t forget to check out the other projects in the 12 DIYs of Christmas on the blog, or follow along on Instagram for details & behind the scenes!

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