Lunch at Central Food Market, Florence

If there is any food market worth visiting, this is the one! Made up of two levels, Florence’s Mercato Centrale (or Mercato di San Lorenzo) hosts an array of fresh produce stalls on the ground level while the upper level is pretty much the best fresh food court you may ever come across. The menu items here are as fresh and gourmet as you would imagine from a food market and come with a surprisingly cheap price tag.

You can find anything from cheese platters, wine, pizza and pasta, burgers, and sweet items like gelato and pastries. I went with a trio of bruschetta for lunch and we managed to also fit in dessert – mine was a ‘world cup champion’ made up of layers of chocolatey mousse and Julian had a type of frozen Cannoli.

cheeses at Central Food Market

Bruschetta trio at Central Food Market

Cannoli at Central Food Market

Dessert at Central Food Market Cannoli Cart

Florence Central Market
10am – 12am
Off via dell’Ariento, Florence

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