DIY Concrete Polaroid Stand

Follow this simple tutorial to use a few items like concrete to create a display for your Polaroids, Instax films or any photos.

diy concrete polaroid stand

I love using my Instax camera and am always trying to think of new ways I can display the film, so they don’t end up in a cupboard or just in an album! I had a go at making little cube stands out of concrete and they worked and looked great for holding single photos. It’s a cheap and easy project that you can make mostly with things you may already have around the home. Read on to make your own concrete Polaroid displays!

You will need:

Tape (I used electrical tape)
Ruler and pencil
Cement mix
Small container
Nail file or sandpaper

Firstly decide what size you would like your cubes. I did mine at 25mm squared. Measure out on your cardboard a cube template but without the ‘lid’ (like this one here except without the flaps! We’ll tape the sides from the outside instead). While the base of my cube was 25mm squared, I allowed a little bit of extra room for the sides (bumped it up to 30mm) so there would be no overflow of concrete in the mould.

Once you have cut out your cube template, score the edges that will be folded with the back of your scissors or a knife. This will allow you to get a clean fold without squashing the cardboard’s shape. Fold up the edges and wrap tape around the outside to hold it together.

cardboard moulds for concrete

To create an opening where your photo will slide into the concrete, measure out a small piece of cardboard the same width as your cube (25mm for me). Wrap a couple of pieces of tape around this piece so it fits snugly into your cube mould. Lightly wipe a small amount of oil on the tape of this piece to prevent it from sticking to the concrete.

Mix up your concrete in a small container until you have a fairly runny consistency. Then, carefully pour the concrete into your moulds. Once the concrete is in the moulds, press the piece for the opening about halfway into the concrete and leave them to set.

concrete drying in the moulds

After your concrete has set, carefully pull out the piece of cardboard and unwrap the cubes. Remove any excess cardboard. Use a nail file or sandpaper to smooth out any unevenness around the top of the concrete cube.

Place a photo in the opening and its good to go! You could even lacquer over them with a clear spray, which might help them from dropping any powder.

three concrete cube stands make your own photo cube display

Photo cube instax display

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