DIY Hexagon Concrete Coasters

Hexagons are definitely having their moment in the spotlight! They’re an unusual shape that products don’t naturally come in, so if you fancy a bit of DIY, you can add some hexagons into your home that are practical and stylish!

Not only is concrete a great material to work with but I love its industrial and minimalistic finish. Read on for this cheap and easy coaster project that will elevate your table top in no time.

diy hexagon concrete coasters

You will need:

Tape (I used electrical tape)
Pen, scissors and ruler
Cement mix
Small container
Felt dots
Clear spray paint / lacquer

Firstly, you can make your own template for the coasters or download and print the one I used here. Its roughly 9cm wide and the sides are high enough to make the coasters whatever thickness you desire.

Cut out the template and trace it onto your cardboard for however many coasters you would like to make.

Cut out the cardboard hexagons, and using the back of the scissors or a knife, score the edges of the hexagon shape. Once you decide how thick you would like your coasters, mark the height on the inner edges before you fold them, so you have a visual measure when pouring in the concrete. Fold up the sides and tape around the outsides to form your moulds.

Mix up the concrete according to directions or until its fairly runny and pour it into the moulds. Leave it to set. I used a grey and a white cement mix to get a couple of different variations.

moulds for coasters

Undo the moulds and sand back any rough or pointy edges. Give them a coat of clear lacquer – this prevents them from leaving any powdery residue on surfaces. To finish them off, add on some felt dots on the underside and they are ready to use!

add felt dots to the underside

What did you think of this simple project? Let me know if you have tried this or something similar in the comment section below!

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concrete coasters easy diy

Hexagon coasters profile

hexagon coaster diy flatlay

Tea and concrete coasters


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  • Love these coasters and how you can personalize them for whoever you are making them for. They seem like a great homemade gift idea.

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