DIY Healthy Dessert Platter

The DIY healthy dessert platter is an easy no-fuss Valentine’s idea that you can throw together in a few minutes, minus the pink hearts and teddy bears (because what husband wants to eat love heart cookies with pink champagne anyway?!) There’s some very mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day in the couples and marrieds world (‘Valentine’s Day is every day!’ some argue), but there’s something about still wanting to celebrate it, maybe with just a little less frill, so you don’t end up becoming a Love Grinch. A new dessert idea is the perfect way to mark an understated celebration!

Fruit and nut throw-together platter

Instead of reaching for the sweets how about throwing together an easy fruit and nut platter with a hint of dark chocolate? All it takes is a few simple ingredients you most likely will already have in your kitchen. Try both fresh and dried fruits, mixed nuts such as almonds, cashews and walnuts and to add a bit of extra sweetness, some dark chocolate either in pieces or as a dipping sauce. To create a dipping sauce, simply heat the dark chocolate in the microwave with a teaspoon of coconut oil. This keeps the sauce runny and also gives just a hint of coconut flavour! You can add to the platter any other items you might have like dates, sultanas, grapes or caramel.

Displaying a few things well makes everything so much more appetising and satisfying, especially when you are trying to eat healthy. Grab a small patter or plate and begin to pile everything on in sections, starting with the bigger items like the strawberries. Once the main things are on, add in some smaller nibblies like the nuts to fill in any spaces. Pile things right to the edge and even tipping over for a full and not-too-neat look.

Why not try a healthy dessert platter like this that you can whip up for unexpected guests or if you’re feeling a bit peckish, as an alternative to sweets. Pair with a hot drink or sparkling fruity number.

easy healthy dessert idea- fuit, nut and dark chocolate

how to style a dessert platter

dessert platter with dark chocolate sauce

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