DIY Matchbox Makeover

Candles used to be the gift you would pick when you didn’t know what to buy someone… But now they’ve become one of my favourite gifts – there’s so many good brands out there now with great scents. I like to keep some matches nearby so I can light them whenever I remember, but matchboxes are never really something you want to display… So here’s a few ways to overhaul your matches so you’ll want them out for all to see!

Wrapping paper boxes:

Grab some wrapping paper, measure out the size of the matchbox on it, cut and stick the paper on the outside of the box with glue or tape. Just remember to leave one of the striking sides uncovered so you can still use it. Bling it up with metallics or keep it natural with browns. I even used some copper spray paint (but covered the striking sides with tape first).

Metallic matches

Metallic paper matchboxes

Brown paper covered matchboxes

Small bottles:

I have more vintage glass bottles than I know what to do with! But I found out that the small ones make great match holders. To use them I undid a matchbox, traced the bottom of one bottle on the striking side, cut it out and stuck it on the bottom of the bottle with glue. For the bigger bottle I just used the whole width of the striking side on the bottom. Fill the bottles with matches and vwa-la! Your very on match jar and lighting system.

small bottle for matches New York vintage bottle

matchbox template for glass vintage jar

Bottle strike one Bottle strike two

bottle strike three bottle strike four

Bottle and matches vintage bottles with matches

Flatlay matchbox makeover vintage bottles

If you don’t have much time there’s always pretty matches you can buy like these ones below. Here’s some more inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

Bridge & Burn matches
Perfect match
Mason Jar Matches
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