DIY Mini Succulent Shell Garden

Recently I found a bunch of shell halves in a discount store and grabbed a handful, not knowing what I was going to make with them yet.

This little DIY succulent shell garden is simple to make and a cute way to display those tiny succulents that can get lost within a normal sized garden or pot.

A note on finding mini succulents – many places may not sell plants this small. If you already have succulents, check their pots to see if they’ve sprouted any ‘pups’. These are baby plants that either grow from the soil or propagate naturally when a leaf drops.

Succulents and cactus often grow pups. But if you can’t find any, you can always start by using a leaf or two in your shell and wait for it to grow.

DIY Succulent Shell Garden | Dossier Blog

You will need:

A shell
Mini Succulents
Pebbles, pearl beads or other decorative items

To start, fill your shell with damp soil. Then carefully dig out your mini succulents from their pot, using something small like a teaspoon. Remove as much dirt as possible from the succulents, then plant them in the shell.

For the string of pearls, I cut a couple of strands off my plant and covered the ends with the dirt. This is easier than digging them out!

Once your plants are in, carefully spread pebbles or other decorations on top of the soil. I also used a smaller shell and some pearl beads to decorate. Sand (even coloured sand!) would be another great option.

Place your mini shell garden in a bright spot, out of direct sunlight.

Keep in mind that once your succulents grow, you may need to replace them!

Turn a shell into a succulent garden | Dossier Blog
Make this mini succulent garden | Dossier Blog

Succulents prefer soil on the drier side. For this little shell garden the easiest way to water it is by using a spray bottle on the soil around once a week. Because there’s no drainage, they won’t need a lot of water. Overwatering can be a huge succulent killer!

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