Five Meaningful Plants that make Great Gifts

So you’re interested in gifting a plant? What a great idea! Did you know that there’s a lot of symbolism and meaning behind gifting certain plants? These meanings can date back thousands of years in different cultures.

From peace, to good fortune and health – there’s a plant for almost every occasion. So here’s five meaningful plants that make great gifts.

5 plant meanings that make great gifts | Dossier Blog

Jade Plant

Need an easy-care plant gift? The Jade Plant is a succulent, making it a hardy and attractive choice. This plant is fast growing, and is also known as a money plant. So if you need any connection between a fast growing plant and your bank balance, this little succulent could be for you (or a friend)! They’ve historically been given as wedding presents and housewarming gifts, where you can well-wish fortune on the recipient.

Plant gifts and their meanings, Olive tree | Dossier Blog

Olive Tree

The olive tree has a long history of symbolising peace for a universal audience. The ancient greeks, Christian and Jewish cultures all have a part in the symbolism of the olive tree. Olive trees were often planted when people were establishing new places, and have also been used in wreaths that would be worn on the head during festivals and weddings.

Pilea friendship plant | Dossier Blog

Pilea Peperomioides

These cute, trendy and whimsical plants have grown in popularity in recent years and it’s not hard to see why! This plant is also known as a Friendship Plant, or the Pass it On plant. The Pilea plant will regularly grow new shoots (or ‘pups’) that can be gifted or shared.

Peace Lily

Just as its name says, the peace lily symbolises peace and calm. It is a popular houseplant choice that is low-care, with lush green leafy foliage. Keep in mind that this plant is often gifted in times of sympathy, and it is common to see peace lily flowers at funerals. So this plant gift may be reserved for a few more tender occasions.

Bamboo is a sign of health | Dossier Blog


You may have heard of lucky bamboo. But another meaning that bamboo has is health! This is because it is strong but also flexible. It has often been given as a housewarming gift in Chinese culture.

There are many more plants that have meaningful symbolism – why not find one for any occasion? Plants do make great gifts, whether it be for Christmas, New Years or another celebration.

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