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DIY Raffia Fringe Clutch - Dossier Blog

Do you ever get those ideas that as soon as they hit, you can’t think about anything else until you’ve figured out how you’re going to do it, and then – actually do it?! This DIY raffia fringe clutch was one of those ideas.

I’ve been super into natural fibres and colours lately and its showing! There’s just so many uses for something as simple as raffia.

This clutch can be used casually or even for a date night – its all how you style it. Read on for the DIY!

DIY Raffia Fringe Clutch

You will need:

-Material of your choice, such as linen
-Fabric interfacing (I used the sew-in type)
-Basic fabric for lining (I used calico)
-Magnetic bag clip
-Craft or Stanley knife
-Fabric fusing tape (the stick-on type is fine)

As a bit of an explanation, fabric interfacing is a stiff type of fabric that gives shape to your projects. It’s often used for shirt collars and cuffs. If you’re using a fabric thats already quite sturdy, like a vinyl, you may not need interfacing, but for any other material you will want to give it a try to get the best shape out of your clutch. My outer fabric was a linen and I used a cheap calico for the lining – you don’t necessarily need this unless you want your clutch to look pro and cover up your interfacing… Its up to you!

Firstly, mark out and cut a rectangle on the interfacing that is 20 x 25cm. Mark out another rectangle the same size, but on the long edge, add a triangle around another 10cm in height. To do this, I found the middle of the 25cm side (at 12.5cm), and measured upwards another 10cm. Cut out this rectangle/triangle combo in one piece – it should look like a typical ‘house’ stencil.

Use these two interfacing shapes to cut out another rectangle and ‘house’ shape on both your chosen material and the lining material. It’s good to use the interfacing as the stencil so your shapes all end up the same size. Plus, no one will see the interfacing so you can mark on it without worrying. After this, you should have one of each shape in each material.

Cut-out patterns for the raffia fringe clutch

Place your chosen fabric good-side down. Lay on top the interfacing, and then the lining. Pin these together.

Pinned patterns for the clutch

On the rectangle piece, fold over and hem one of the long edges.

The first hem on the clutch pattern

Place the two patterns together with your chosen fabric facing inwards. Make sure the edge you just hemmed is at the top, at the same spot as the triangle shape.

Pin the two patterns together and sew around three sides- the left, bottom side and right side. This should create a ‘pocket’ that will be the inside of your clutch. Pull the clutch ‘inside-out’ and give it a quick iron to press it into shape. Now, you should just have the top triangle shape to finish.

Hemmed together pattern

On the two edges of the triangle fold two hems inwards – first the interfacing and lining together, and then your chosen fabric. See the pics below to check you’ve done yours the same.

Folded hems inwards on the top section of the clutch

To add the magnetic clasp, use a craft knife to poke two holes through the interfacing and lining of the triangle and add the top half of the clasp according to instructions on the packet (its super easy!) Making sure it lines up, poke two holes through the front rectangle-side of your clutch, making sure you only make a hole in the front half (and not the back half) of your clutch. Push the bottom half of the clasp through.

Adding magnetic buttons to the clutch

To add the raffia fringe, cut a strip of fusing tape and stick it on the inner hem of the interfacing/lining. This will help keep the raffia in place before sewing.

no-sew adhesive added to inner hem of clutch

Cut a bunch of raffia in small lengths around 8cm long. Pull the backing off the fusing tape and stick the raffia lengths along it. Fold the outer fabric down over the raffia hem, pin and sew a couple of times along the edge to make sure each piece of raffia gets caught.

Adding the fringe to the clutch

Trim any unruly lengths of raffia away, and you’re done! An easy afternoon project to spruce up your wardrobe 😉 What do you think of my DIY raffia fringe clutch? I love it!


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Make this raffia fringed clutch with magnetic button

DIY raffia fringed clutch - Dossier Blog

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